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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 25

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 25. {Meeting The In Law.}




I slowly open my eyes as I shift uncomfortably against the headrest once again only to see myself staring at the floor.
My brows jerks up in confusion as I stare at the ground before staring up and standing up only to find out that my supposed headrest isn’t really my headrest but is Tamara.
I sigh as I shake my head, I must have help fell asleep on her lap and I’m surprised she didn’t even pushed me away, I’m sure that’s what she would have done. Why didn’t she do it?
It didn’t get past my notice that we already arrived at my parent’s house and I stare up at Tamara who is resting against the headrest, her eyes closed which gives me the idea that she’s asleep.

I smile at her before smiling reaching my hand out to tuck the strand of hair that covers his face behind her head and she stirs but doesn’t wake up.
How the hell do I get her inside without actually waking her? She looks so peaceful like this in her sleep and she isn’t glaring at me or shooting me death eyes.
I still remember that she had kicked me in the groin and I couldn’t help but to chuckle about the memory.

I knew that she was definitely going to do something when I started leaning in. It was the way her brows shoots up in confusion when I stepped closer to her that amuses me.

Raising my head to look at the driver, I signal to the guards to start bringing out our bags and they did while I gently carry her in my arms, opening the door and walking out, towards the house. This house that has always been my home, the one I grew up from.

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I walk towards the direction with her still in my arms and she hugs me tighter as she buries her face into my chest.
It actually feels good to have her in my arms like this and I couldn’t get over the way her scent engulfs me.

“Bryan! ”
Mom shouts as she sees me and everyone turns to me.
Gwen. Stephen and Dean.

“Oh my god. Bryan is here! Bryan is here! ”
Gwen shouts running towards me and I chuckle as she tries to hug me but stops on her tracks when she sees Mara in my arms.

“Oh my god. It’s her! It’s Tamara, your wife. Damn! She likes really beautiful than she did on TV. ”
She grins, shouting and I glare at her to keep quiet or she’s gonna wake her up but she did already at Mara’s eyes flutters open.
She’s definitely going to freak out when she find out that she had been sleeping in my arms.

She stares around her surroundings first, probably wondering where she is. Her eyes lands in Gwen who flashes her a grin before she turns to look at me and her brows raised before her eyes widens, probably realizing that she’s in my arms.

She jumps right out of my arms, nearly falling on Gwen before turning back and starting at me with a look that says she’s going to kill me later.

I couldn’t hell but to chuckle as she smiles at Gwen who smiles back and stare at her as if she’s some celebrity. I didn’t know Gwen could actually like her, if only she knows how crazy she is.

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“Bryan, I heard you’re here. ”
Fathers voice booms through as he descend down the stairs and I couldn’t help the smile that stretches to my lips as I wait for him to finally come before walking over to meet him and he smiles at me.

“My son. ”
He greets me as I stand in front of him.

“Father, I’m so happy to see you. So so happy. ”
I nearly hug him but I contain myself and quickly bow my head, turning back to look at Tamara so she could get the cue.
She saw the look on my face and I’m glad that she got it as she starts moving closer to me immediately.

These people are actually my foster parents because I was adopted but the good thing about it is I don’t feel like they are my foster family and that’s because they take care of me. They don’t make me feel like I’m not part of them and that’s what I will always be grateful for dad for.

“Dad. Mom. Meet my wife, Tamara.. ”
The love of my life that only agreed to be wife so she could save her family and one I can’t help but to fall more helplessly in love with.

She turns to glare at me, shifting closer to me as I had said the words before she bows her head.

“Sir. Ma’am. I’m so happy to meet you, I’m Tamara. ”
She smiles at then as my mouth drops open, how can she be so fucking polite?!


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