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Heart Of A Beast. Chapter 22

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(Love is the word)



Kayla’s POV

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, tears dropping from my eyes.
I can’t believe I fought?! Like I fought and defended myself and the hell.. How was I able to see through that girl’s bag.. It wasn’t even transparent..

How did that happen?
And why did I suddenly feel like a different force was taking over my body.. I knew it wasn’t me back there, I possibly can’t have that much morale..

Something else led me and as much as it bit more at my curiosity, I still couldn’t help but feel proud of myself.. That will be the first time in many years that I’ll have been so fierce or should I say self-defending.

But still..really, how did that happen??
I looked at my reflection and apart from the crystal blue color my iris had become, I noticed the cut on my face start to close up, it wasn’t too surprising tho..

Melvin had told me that the necklace bears all my pains now and-

Wait.. Could it also have been the cause of my body being controlled or the fact that I see through things?

Wow.. What if it is. What does it even mean?
Could it be good or bad?
Well whatever it is, I don’t think I’m comfortable around this new changes.. Everything comes with a bad side right, what if this one Is worse than the good one..

What if?
And why’s my eyes now blue, I could see the resemblance from it in Melvin’s and the necklace I had on, so it has to be from the necklace..


I stare at my eyes from the mirror.. True it’s strange but at the same time beautiful..
I’ve always liked a blue colored eye and it looked good on Melvin too.. I just hope there’s nothing more to this.

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I heard the bell go off from where I stood and I quickly dabbed my tears, rearranged my hair and head to the exit.. I opened the door and my eyes collided with Clara’s, she was obviously just coming in and..
Is she also just coming to school?

“Hey,” she called, coming toward me and I gradually close the door and caught up with her. “I heard about what happened. Are you okay?” She asked and I nodded, taking in a quick sniff.

“I’m good now, thanks” I said.

“You should be. You did a great job defending yourself, I could see the surprise on everyone’s face” she said, with one of her cute smiles on.

“You think so?” I asked and she nodded. “Well thanks” I added.

I was taken by surprise too!

“Okay, next period’s on. Let’s go in, just wanted to be sure you were okay” she said and I nodded before following her.

“You’re just coming in, aren’t you?” I asked her on our way to class.

“Yup. Had to take care of something first” she answered, giving me a cocky smile.

“And you were allowed in by this time?” I asked.

“Of course. Let’s just say the authorities were understanding enough” she said and I nodded, the rest of the journey was made in silence.


School ended that day, with me getting most of the stares and caring less about it. After exchanging byes with Clara, I hit the road to the bus station.
“Kayla!” I heard my name from behind and immediately I knew the caller, I could hear his feet running to get to me.

I sighed inwardly and kept walking, he reached me and I turned to him.

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“What part of stay away from me do you not understand?” I asked. He stared blankly at me and it took a while for me to see what it was.. I gave him an eye roll and began walking..

“Your eyes..” He started but his voice trailed off.

“They’re blue. I know” I told him plainly. “It’s from the necklace, isn’t it?” I asked and he nodded slowly. “And everything that happened earlier today?”

He nodded again.

“It might look strange at first but you’ll get used to it”

“Get used to it?” I repeated “Like I’ll be stuck with it for life?”

“No, not for life. It’ll disappear once you’re able to take the necklace off” he said.

“And when will that happen?” I asked and he shrug.

“I don’t know” he replied and I sighed. “But your eyes will be back to normal by tomorrow” he added and I sighed again.

And the good thing goes.

“So I get controlled by something every now and then?”

“Only when necessary” he said and I gave him a confused look. “Look, because of the necklace, you posses a part of me now and it’s more like a connection cos a part of my life is with you. And it makes you defensive, it helps when it feels you need it, gives you strength and informs you when there’s trouble” he explained and I nodded.

Well, that isn’t so bad but I can’t understand why I still feel uncomfortable about it.

“That explains why my cut earlier healed up” he said.

“Yes. And can I ask you something?” He asked.

“What?” I asked.

“The guy that offered to help you after the fight, I saw how you stared at him.. You were angry and I was just curious.. Who is he?” He asked.

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“Well, yes. I was angry and who he is.. Well, it’s um none of your business. Keep staying away and I’m taking the bus…So Bye” I rushed my words and quickly hopped into the nearest bus, it began driving and I saw Melvin staring at me from the window. I sighed and pushed my gaze off.
Melvin’s POV
I made my way to the cave.
Seems my guess is right after all, that guy didn’t seem like a friend. He’s probably a rival according to Kayla’s reaction and during the fight I couldn’t help but see the surprised look on his face..

He obviously haven’t seen her that way before and with the way she rejected him, he must be more like an enemy.

But still I’m curious..
The necklace reacted pretty quick,I didn’t expect the signs that quick but it did well all the same..

I got to the cave and Belle was in the position I had left her in the morning. She suddenly turned after I entered.

“So,” she asked with so much curiosity.

“Good afternoon to you too Belle” I said with a bit of humor and she smiled.

“Well son, if you know how serious it is, you’ll save that greeting first” she said and I frowned.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“It’s about Lucinda, tell me Mel.. Did you see the mark?” She asked, etches of curiosity in her face.

Oh that is it.

“Yes Belle, I saw it. It was right behind her neck,” I said and she froze..

“So shes-” she stuttered, gulping her words.

“Lucinda? Yes” I said and her eyes popped wider..

“What!” She jerked, shock evident in her face..
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