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Hospital Romance. Episod 30 (Finale)

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
???? {cold and crazy meets again}????


Noah’s POV.

Chris was dressing my injury when he finished with Damien’s own.

We will be going to see Nala this afternoon.
I got up when he was done and sighed.

“Thanks”I muttered and he nodded.
“Noah we need to talk”Damien said and I glared at him.

Okay! He thinks we saved him so he can talk to me or what?

He has forgotten he nearly killed my son!
He nearly broke me.

God! Unbelievable!!

I ignored him and made way outside.

Chris smiled a little whiles Damien sighed sadly.

“I get it! , I destroyed your lives , I am sorry Noah , I know all what I did is unbelievable , I mean we were best buddies”he said and I nodded.

Yeah! He made me think Anna was a whore!

I didn’t believe her all this while that she was innocent;all because of him.

How could he plan all this sham thing with Nala.

I sighed and smiled at him.
He nodded and I went out.

I need to see my son!
Mother and Father left a while ago.

I opened the door of the ward Diego was in and sighted Anna playing with him.

Carla and Blake were laughing at something on their phone.

I smiled at the position Mother and Son were in.

Anna was sitting on the bed with Diego and they were so engrossed in the game they were playing that they didn’t notice me.

I closed the door and all eyes darted to me.

“Daddy”a tiny voice squealed and I smiled at him.


“Hey! , How have you been?”I asked and he smiled.

“Great!”he said and I kissed his hair.

“How is Damien?”blake asked and I sighed.
“He is good”I groaned and he nodded.

“And Nala?”Carla asked.

“She had been detained”I said and she sighed.

Yeah! No one thought she could do that and over all she is pregnant.

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Damien said he would take the baby when it’s born from her.

“Okay! , We are going to talk to Theresa”Carla said and dragged Blake with him out of the ward.

“Daddy what happened to your arm”Diego asked and I smiled.

“I cut my arm a little when I fell down”i said and nodded.

“Sorry Daddy”he said and I nodded.
Now Diego says his sorry perfectly.

Anna’s POV.

I watched him as he talked with Diego!
It was hard ignoring him but I can’t let him get me easily this time.

I went out of the room and bumped into someone.

Anna! I mentally scolded myself.

I looked up and it was Damien.
The same person who has been my friend for years had changed over night.

I don’t blame him.
I smiled and he smiled a little.
“Thanks for saving him”I said and he frowned.

“I should be thanking you”he said and hugged me.

It took me by surprise but I hugged him back.

It wasn’t his fault.
He was manipulated.

We disengaged from the hug and I nodded.

“Can we still be friends?”he asked again and I nodded.

“Thanks!”he groaned.
“It’s okay Damien”I said.

“Where is Blake?”he asked.

“He went to his office with Carla”I said and he smiled leaving.

I met Theresa on the way and she frowned at me.

“You left him alone in the room”she said and I shook my head.
“He is there with his father”I said and she smiled.

“I am leaving my shift is over , see you tomorrow”she said pecked my cheeks and left.

A hand snaked around my waist from behind and I gasped.

I turned to see Noah and I grunted angrily.

I tried removing his hand but he held me tight.

I hate it that am getting butterflies in my tommy.

“Let go me”I said angrily and felt him smirk against my neck.

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“Am sorry for everything”he said lowly and i nearly scoffed.

Sorry! Huh?
“Noah let me go you left Diego alone in the room”I said and he chuckled.

“He slept after taking his medicines”he said and I felt relieved.

Can’t afford to loose him.
He turned me to face him with his hands still on my waist and I groaned.

He smiled at me and I scoffed.
“I need to leave , someone can see us”I mumbled and he frowned.

“Answer me before I let you go , have you forgiven me?”he asked and I pouted.

“You didn’t believe me , you called me a wh*re , so if Damien didn’t clear things you still wouldn’t have believed me”I said pouting and he sighed.

He smiled a little at me and I swat his chests.

“Am sorry”he mumbled and I nodded.
“I missed you”I said shyly and he chuckled.

I buried my face in his neck and sighed.
I missed him truly and I still love him , maybe more than I could ever imagine.

“I missed you to , so much Anna , all this years I never thought I would find you again , am happy that you came with my child , our son” he said still hugging me and I kissed him.

I clasped my lips on his devouring it like never before , he kissed me with the same pace.

He broke the kiss which left us breathless and I smiled.
“If you don’t stop I will take you right here”he muttered and I gasped.

“Pervert”I said and he chuckled.

“So Anna Hudgens will you be my girlfriend , will you be mine alone?”Noah asked and I gulped nervously.

I don’t think am ready.
I love him but I want to think things through first.

Or? No!
“Yes! , I would”I said smiling and he hugged me.

He suprised me with a kiss and I responded equally.

Some one cleared a throat behind us and we turned to see , Blake , Carla ,Chris ,Damien and Theresa smiling at us.

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I thought Theresa was going home?
I buried my face in Noah’s chest shyly and they chuckled.

This is it my family , even though I lost my parents who disowned me.
I still have them.

A boyfriend who I know won’t let me down , a son I will forever cherish , a friend who has been by my side since like forever.

I smiled at them and Theresa chuckled.
“I think Anna and Noah want to make another baby this afternoon”Damien joked and the whole room was filled with laughter.

Noah and Damien hugged tightly and I smiled.
This is it , my family.

????In the night????????

Carla’s POV.

I watched as Anna and Diego chased Noah around in Noah’s house.

Well Anna and Diego moved in this eveninh with him.

I am still in the apartment and hopefully I will be moving in with Blake soon.

Blake was in the Balcony with Damien.
I was making some pancakes in the kitchen.

The land line rang and they were all not ready to pick up.

I picked it up after exiting the kitchen.

☎️”Hello?”I said and sighed.

☎️”I would like to speak with Mr. Noah Stewart please”the caller said and I groaned.

☎️”Tell me he is busy”I said.

☎️”What?”I yelled attracting all the eyes in my room when the caller told me what happened.

☎️”Thanks”I said and dropped the phone.
God! Nala!

I can’t believe this!

“What happened?”Noah asked anxiously.

“Nala stabbed herself , she is dead”I sais and they frowned.
“What?”Anna yelled.

Damien shook his head and sighed.
“She died with the baby?”Damien asked and I nodded.

He sighed and smiled.
I looked at them and they were all sad.

I sighed and smiled too.
“Pancakes are ready”I said trying to lighten the mood and they chuckled.

“I want strawberry syrup”Diego squealed and I nodded.

This is it!
I am so happy….