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Hospital Romance. Episode 28

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????????HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{Cold and crazy meets again}????


Noah’s POV.

What’s happening here?
I looked at Blake and scoffed.

Is this a prank or what?
Mother was shedding tears non-stop.
Anna couldn’t move.

Carla was astonished as I was.
I couldn’t believe it.

Father was just consoling Mother.
Chris and Theresa had a sad expression on.

“What kind of joke is this Blake?”I asked angrily.
“Tell me is not true”Anna yelled and the tears escaped her eyes.

So it’s true.
I lost my son! I lost my three year old son.

The person I just started to get to know.
My Diego. God!

What joke is this? It still feels like a dream.
Anna came to me hitting me on my chest.

“Anna st..stop this”I said barely audible.
I didn’t know when a tear escaped my eye.

The second time I have cried in my life.
First when Anna cheated and now I lost my son.

“Give me back my baby”Anna yelled crying and hitting my chest.
“Anna calm down”Carla said sobbing.

“He is sleeping right , he will wake up”She wishpered wiping her tears.
Before I could talk Anna entered Diego’s ward.

We all followed.
And there he was lying so pale with a white sheet covering him exposing only his face.

“Baby , Diego wake up”Anna yelled shaking him.
He didn’t bulge. So he really is dead.

“Anna stop it”I said trying to stop her.

“You said you love me right?”she asked and all I could do was nod.
“Then bring my son back”she shouted and I shook my head.

I left the ward and saw a familiar figure approaching me.
The figure became clear and I frowned angrily.

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I just lost my son.
I don’t need any problems.

“What the h*ll are you doing here”I said gathering all the little courage I had to face him.

My sudden outburst attracted Carla , Blake and some other nurses.

“I wanted to see you”Damien said calmly and I snorted.
This isn’t Damien.

Obviously something is wrong.
“You are here to mock us right?”Carla asked and he frowned.

“Mock who?”he asked back and I scoffed.
He is playing the deaf games.

“That’s not your business , why are you here?”I yelled Impatiently.

I just lost my son.
I don’t need another headache.

“I deserve that , I wanted to apologise for all I have done to you”he said and my eyes widened in shock.

What just happened?
Damien apologized?

He stretched a small rubber to me and I took it Questionly.

“What’s this?”I asked anxiously.
“Open it when am gone and there’s a letter there , forgive me after reading” he said and left.

I wanted to call him back but I restrained.
I opened the rubber with Carla and Blake beside me.

“What?”Carla yelled when we found a syringe inside.
It was the only thing that could save Diego.

My God!

Nala’s POV.

I was pacing around my room angrily.
How did my plans fail?

I need to go to the hospital.
I have been absent for a day.

Oh God! I have to talk to Hailey.
I heard a knock and I grumbled.

“Who is there?”I asked angrily.

“Ma’am someone is here to see you”a maid said outside and I scoffed.

Who is there?
Since Mother and Father no one has been here.
Who could it be?

I went to the hall to see Damien.
How did he know where I live?

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“Hi Nala”he said with scasasam the moment he saw me.

I rolled my eyes and folded my hands looking at him.

“What do you want?”I asked angrily.

“I told Noah about what we did”he said and was shocked.

How could he?
What is wrong with him?
Why is he destroying all my plans?

I think his time is up.