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Hospital Romance. Episode 27

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????????????HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????


Noah’s POV.
Mother was right.
She was a month pregnant!

But if am not the father why would she blame me.
And who is the father?

Many thoughts came running in my head.
I couldn’t think properly.

I was too shocked!
I never knew Nala could be this selfish.

And to think that I was going to marry her.

All my thoughts died down the moment Chris and Anna told me about Diego’s blood issues.

Carla , Anna , Chris and I rushed to his school in my car.
When we got there his principal directed us to the school’s emergency room.

I watched him lie down on the bed looking all pale.
D*mn! How did his issues rise again.

“He took a wrong substance and it’s spreading”the school’s nurse said.

“What substance?”I asked whiles I checked his pulse.

“It’s here”Anna said sniffing and brought out some little bottle.

What’s that?

“That wasn’t part of the medicines I gave you”Chris said and Anna frowned.

“What?”Carla exclaimed.
“Then how did we get it?”Anna asked and I took the bottle and opened it.

This is not even in the hospital!
I sniffed it and coughed.

“Chris can’t add this , it’s not even in the hospital”I said and Anna sighed.

“I don’t understand how we got this”Carla said and sat on the bed Diego was lying on.

“Let’s get him to the hospital”I said carrying him.

Anna and Carla thanked the principal and we left.
*????????????FEW MINUTES LATER????????????

We arrived at the hospital and rushed into the children’s ward.

“What happened?”Blake asked when I laid Diego on the bed.

“He took in some unknown substance”I said and inspected a drip into his hands.

Blake put an oxygen mask on him whiles I removed his shirt.

God! He was bearly breathing.
He is a kid for all these.

For f*cks sake he is only three years.
Blake injected him and I went out.

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Theresa , Blake and Chris were in there.

I couldn’t watch how they were about to pull the substance out of his body.

I couldn’t!
Anna was packing whiles Carla sat down with a gloomy face.

It’s obvious she cried.
I remembered Nala and I wanted to go strangle her right now.

But my son is in there.
Battling for his life.

All that can wait!

Damien’s POV.

I sat on my bed angrily.
How could I?

I mean Anna nor Noah did nothing to me.
Why am I making their life h*ll.

I made Nala manipulate me.
I was blinded by jealousy.

Jeez! , And the drug I gave Nala to exchange.
God! The boy is going to die.

I remember what I told Noah.
*When we meet again you will be asking for my help*

But no! All this is wrong.
Soo wrong.

That why I made the same results for Nala.
All this has to end.

And if I don’t give the cure to the substance to o Noah or Anna.

The boy will die when the substance starts to attack him.
It can be today or tomorrow.

God! What should I do?
I took the syringe containing the liquid that could stop the substance from spreading.

I looked at it and put it back in my drawer.
Just then my door opened and an angry Nala stepped in.

In a swift motion her fists collided with my nose.
I turned and her palms again hit my cheeks.

I rocked my nose and I was bleeding.
“You B*stard”she yelled angrily.

“Nala this had to stop”I said and she chuckled.
“You made a fool outta me, f*cked me for f*ckings sake and do one simple things you destroyed my plans you d*ck”she screamed and wiped her tees profusely.

“We were not doing the right thing”I yelled and she flinched.

“What Right thing you monster , you spoilt my plans and made a fool out of me”she yelled running her hands through her hair fraustratedly.

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“Everything from the onset wasn’t right , how we framed Anna in school and tortured her , even now, we should be ashamed Nala she did nothing”I said and she smirked.

“Fine! , I will finish the job myself”she said and left me stunned.

I took the syringe and my jacket and made way to San Francisco Regional Hospital.

Nala’s POV.

That fool!
He spoilt all my plans.

I entered my car and drove to my parents house.
This time I need them.

Few minutes later I infront of our house and got down to meet father and mother rolling thier luggages down the stairs.

Okay! What’s happening?
Where are they going?

“Mom , dad what’s happening?”I asked and they frowned.

“Go take your bags and come let’s leave”dad said and I scoffed.

Leave? To where?Huh?
“What? , Where? , What’s happening?”I asked anxiously.

“The cops are looking for your father , his business has been suspected”Mom said coming down with her luggages.

“No way! , Father I thought you stopped”I said and he snorted.

“Are you going or not?”dad asked and I scoffed.
No way!

“I ain’t going nowhere”I said and he chuckled.

“Moreover am carrying Noah’s child”I said again and mom bursted into laughter.

What’s funny?
She stopped and looked at me.

“Please stop this okay! , Hailey and Fred called and told us that you framed him”Mom said and I heard a bang in my head.

How did she find out!
Why am I so unlucky!

What went wrong?
Oh God!

No! No! No! It can’t be.
Never it can’t! Not on my watch!

“W…wh… what?”I asked and they chuckled.
“You claimed you loved Noah but you were lying to him”Dad said and I glanced at him shocked.

I still can’t believe Noah’s mother knew.

Could she be the one who alerted him
D*mned woman! That b*tch?

“Am not going”I said finally and dad nodded.

“Nala there’s nothing left for you here , let’s go”Mom said and I smirked.

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“Am not a coward like you guys , you are running away from your problems , am gonna face mine”I said and left going to my car.

I heard father telling mother to leave me.
I chuckled and got in my car.

If I don’t get Noah! No one will!
That’s a promise!

Hailey’s POV.

Fred and I rushed to the hospital when Noah told us his son was admitted.

We got there and saw Anna’s friend consoling her.
I sighed and went to Noah.

“How is he?”I asked and he groaned.
“No news!”he said and I nodded.

I touched Anna’s hair and she looked up at me.
I smiled at her and surprisingly she got up and hugged me.

I was surprised at first.
But I held on to her and she cried on my shoulders.

Was the situation that serious.
Noah stood there watching with Anna’s friend.

I think Noah calls her Carla.
Yes! Carla.

Anna and I disengaged from the hug and I stroked her cheeks.

“Are you okay?”Fred asked Anna and she nodded.

“Noah why aren’t you inside there?”I asked and he shook his head.

“Am scared”he said bearl audible and I sighed.

In Noah’s twenty seven years of life with me been with him , I have never heard him say those words before.

Just then a door opened.
I think that’s the ward my grandson was in.

A woman and two men came outside.
I remember one as Blake , Noah’s buddy.

The other one was Theresa , she’s like a mother to Noah here.

It’s been long since I Saw her.
They had this sad expressions on and I panicked.

What’s going on?

“How is he Chris?”Anna asked the other guy and he sighed.

“Theresa how is he?”Noah also asked anxiously.

“Say something”Anna yelled crying.
God! It can’t be!

“Anna , I am so sorry”Theresa said sadly wiping the year that rolled down her left cheek.

Don’t tell me!
It can’t be!

“He didn’t make it”Blake said and I nearly fell down.
“What’s happening?”I yelled angrily………..