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Hospital Romance. Episode 19

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

Episode 19

???? Anna’s POV.
I paled out immediately , Noah said he was going to marry Nala.
But why?

So this is it!
He just dumped me!
What am I even saying , Noah and I ended things three years ago.

And now he wants Nala.
I badly wanted to cry.
I wanted to let all my fraustrations out , but not infront of him and his family.

I kept a straight face and I was surprised I had the courage to talk back at Noah’s mother.

When Diego and I got to the dressing room he yawned and I smiled.
“You are still sleepy?”I asked and he nodded.

“Your medicines are having a great effect on you , and tommorow you will be going to school”I said and he smiled.

“Daddy said he will come and drop me off at school”Diego said and I faked a smile.

I checked the time and it was four pm.
Our shift is done!
Where is Carla?

I sighed and packed our things , when she comes we will have to go!
This place is really reminding me of things.

I changed my clothes and picked up our bags.
“Momma , are you done working?”Diego asked and I nodded.

“Yes! , Let’s go and sign out , we will wait for aunt Carla outside”I said. He held my hand and we went to the hallway.

I saw a familiar figure approaching us and I frowned.
Stick to the program Anna.
Don’t make him think you are cheap!

“Diego”Noah called when he got to us.
“Daddy!”Diego squealed and hugged him.

I always don’t miss the love in his eyes when he sees his son.
“Tommorow I will be coming to take you to school”Noah said and Diego nodded.
He kissed his hair and glanced at me.

I scoffed and looked away!
“Let’s go”I said and Diego nodded.

“Anna we have to talk”he said coldly.
He is still acting like a caveman.
A complete assh*le , wasn’t he the same Noah who couldn’t get his hands of me.

Isn’t he the same Noah who made love to me few hours ago. Fine!

Carla approached us and she looked at me and then at Noah.
I just shrugged.
I gave our bags to her and she nodded.

“Diego you can go on with aunty Carla I will join you later”I said and he frowned.
“Momma , I wanna come with you”he said in his tiny voice.

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“Come on , go now , your momma will be back”Noah said and kissed his hair.

“Bye daddy!”He said and left with Carla.

“I wanted to clear things”he said coldly.
I frowned , what things?
“Clear what?”I asked and he scoffed.

“What happened in my dressing r….”he tried saying but I cut him off.
“Nothing happened okay!”I said and he snorted.

“This is not a joke”he said angrily.
“Did I say something like that , I get it you are getting married and you don’t want any problems , I perfectly understand, so now just stay out of my way”I said and made way to leave.

He grabbed my wrists and I snatched it out of his grip.
“You can’t tell me I can’t see my son because of what is going on between us”he said and I faked a light smile.

“You can come see him , I have no reason to keep him away from you , and note that there is nothing going on between us , and nothing will ever be”I said angrily.

“Yeah! , nothing will ever be , I can’t be with a desperate woman , found in bed with her boyfriend’s best friend after the day her dignity was taken by her boyfriend”he said pathetically and I nearly broke down.

Don’t cry!
Don’t cry , you are strong!
It hurts that he still thinks I slept with Damien.
He thinks am a whore.

But Damien didn’t touch me.
And am tired of telling him that am innocent.

I sighed and nodded.

“Exactly! , so let’s just avoid each other , we are just two people who work together , don’t even see me as the mother of your son , because I don’t see you as his father”I said angrily and I saw a flicker of hurt in his eyes but he replaced it with a smile and left.

I went out to see Diego and Carla sitting down on the bench outside.
I sighed and smiled.

I went to meet them and we went home.

???? Noah’s POV.

I sighed angrily.
She doesn’t see me as Diego’s father!

It hurts , it really hurts.
I made way to Nala’s ward lost in thought.

I saw Mom pestering her to eat that it was good for the baby and all that when I entered.
Nala’s parents were sitting on her bed smiling at her.

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My father was just staring at me when I entered.
I scoffed and looked at them.
” Noah”Nala said when she saw me.

I snorted looking at her.
“What?”I asked harshly.

“Noah start been nice to her , you two are getting married and I don’t want you to hurt my daughter”Nala’s father said and I nodded.

“We are getting married after I give birth”Nala said excitedly and I nodded.

“I will go for your reports and I need rest excuse me” I said and left ignoring mom’s glares at me.

I chuckled and nearly bumped into Blake.

“You don’t look good”he said and I nodded.
“I just had s*x with Anna , or should I say a few hours ago I made love to my backstabbing ex girlfriend”I said plainly and Blake looked surprised.

“What?, How come?”Blake said shocked and I shrugged.
“It just happened , I couldn’t resist her”I said and entered my office with Blake trailing behind me.

“So what about Nala?”Blake asked and I rolled my eyes.
“What about her?”I asked back.
“You are really marrying her?”he asked and I nodded.

He nodded to and left.
I need a drink and a good meal.

I went to Theresa’s office.
She is the only one who understands me , I saw her eating and I smiled.

“I am hungry Theresa”I whined and she laughed.
I sat down and looked at the meal.
For once I want to forget about Nala , my parents , Anna and all my problems.

I took a spoon and dug into the food.
“We are having a new doctor in four days”Theresa said sipping water from the bottle.

“A new doctor?”I asked eating and she nodded.
“His name is Chris Ronalds” Theresa said and I nodded not really paying attention.

After eating with Theresa I just wanted to go home.
I bid Theresa and Blake good bye before leaving.
When I went home Nala was outside my house.

Who told her I was here?
Of course my mother!
And when was she discharged?

???? Nala’s POV.

After Theresa discharged me Noah’s mother gave me his address and I drove there.

When I got to his house it was empty. You can read more of these from Storybaze, storyline,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room, unlimited story platform through Ohene ish on+233544142683.
I thought I will meet maids or some workers.

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I waited outside and used that opportunity to check the bottle Damien gave me.

It was a poisoning pill.
It damages the system when you take it.
I placed it in my car’s drawer when I saw Noah’s car come inside the house.

I am just going to exchange the medicine with Anna’s son’s own.
And by the time she realizes her son will be dead and Noah will blame her.

Then Noah will have no choice but to see my baby as his only child.

I smirked.
Two can play the game Anna.

Noah looked shocked on seeing me.
He was a little pissed but that didn’t show.

He came to the door feeling irritated.
Like I care!

“What are you doing here?”he asked and I smiled.
“Came to see you”I said and he scoffed.

He opened the door and we entered.
His house was nice and more bigger than his parents own.

Noah really likes white.
His couch was white, his walls too were painted white.
I sighed and sat down.

“I will be going out at eight in the evening , you will have to go home”he said and I frowned.
Where is he going?
I don’t want to believe he is going to see her and that child he called his.

“Where are you going too?”I asked and got up.
“I don’t think I can tell you Nala , I have my personal life”he said and handed me some files.

“What’s this?”I asked and took it.
“Your reports”he said and I smiled.

“You can go make yourself coffee , and add a lot of cream to kill the caffeine, the caffeine in it is harmful to you”he said and I smiled.

“Why?”I asked and he rolled his eyes.
“You are pregnant”he said and went upstairs.

Nice to know Noah cares.
I smiled and opened the the reports.

I glanced at it and I was shocked.
Oh my God!
How come?

I am a month pregnant!
How is this possible!
I put my hands on my chest and studied the files.

Noah only slept with me a week ago.
So if it’s Noah’s then am supposed to be a two weeks pregnant!

And am a month.
It only means one thing! , the baby isn’t Noah’s.
Oh God!