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Hospital Romance. Episode 24

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

???? Episode 24

Noah’s POV.
I stared at my mother in shock!
“Look , mom , I won’t have any one of you control my life , for f*cks sake am twenty seven , why don’t you guys get it”I said and she scoffed.

“If you don’t want to marry Nala , why did you have sex with her”mom asked and I groaned angrily.
“I know I made a mistake , if you hadn’t had invited them to them over that day for dinner , she wouldn’t have been pregnant”I yelled and dad got up.

“What are you saying?”dad asked and I snorted.
“That pregnancy happened the day she slept over”I said and mom smirked.
“I am going over to their parents house tommorow”Mom said and I scoffed.

“I thought you guys will be happy to see me but it seems I was wrong”I said and took my car keys from the table.
“It’s not that Noah”mom said.
“Good bye dad”I said and left the house.

My mind drifted to Anna and I smiled.
But Damien? I have to find him!
And Nala I think something is wrong with the pregnancy!
May be complications. I will ask Theresa tommorow.

I drove outside the house and made way home.
I got home locked the door and went to my bedroom.
I think I need a maid.

I sighed and stripped entering into the shower.
I leaned my hands in the bathroom wall with the shower running down my back.

I thought of what Anna told me and I gritted my teeth.
I think we need space. For God’s sake I saw them in bed.
What if Damien slept with her without her knowing.
D*mn it! The thought always kills me inside.
I closed the shower and got to my room cleaning my body with a towel.

I need a good night rest!
I wore my pajamas and slumped on the bed tiredly.
Tommorow will be different , I thought before drifting of to a deep slumber.

************* ****************
???????????? THE NEXT MORNING????????????

Anna’s POV.

I yawned and got out of bed when I heard our alarm ring.
I tapped Carla and she stirred murmuring gibberish in her sleep.
I went to the bath house still in my flimsy night dress and brushed my teeth.

I rinsed mouth and sighed looking at myself in the mirror.
I placed the brush where it was and went back inside the room to see Carla awake.
“Good morning sissy”she said and I smiled.
“Morning sissy, now get your b*tts inside the bathroom , I will go prepare breakfast”I said taking my night dress’s robe.

I wore it and tied it leaving the room.
????????????AN HOUR LATER????????????

I was done cleaning the apartment and making breakfast.
I went to Diego’s room and he was still asleep.
Okay! This is weird , he hasn’t slept past six am before.

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I tapped him and he squirmed.
“Baby”I said and kissed his hair.
“Momma , I want to sleep more”he said in his usual tiny voice and opened his eyes.
He looked so adorable.

“You have to go to school”I said and he shook his head.
“I feel weak”he said and I kissed his hair.
“Come and take your bath , you eat breakfast and you take your medicine” I said and he nodded.

I took him to the bathroom and bathed for him , dressed him up and took him to the dinning room.
“Sit down”I said and he sat on the small dinning stool.
“Momma , will daddy come pick me up?”he asked and I nodded.
He smiled and I fed him his pancakes and his favorite mango juice.

“Hey family”Carla said coming down the stairs.
I rolled my eyes and she chuckled.
“Good morning aunty Carla”Diego said and she smiled.
“Hey pumpkin , how are you?”Carla asked buttoning her uniform.
Gosh! , I hadn’t even taking my bath.

“Carla can you give , Diego his medicine , I will go take my bath”I said and she nodded.
I kissed his cheeks and rushed upstairs.
I quickly took a shower and and dressed up.

I was coming down down with our bags when I heard chatting outside.
I went out and saw Noah talking to Carla and Diego.
He kissed Diego’s forehead and bid Carla goodbye.
Diego came to kiss my cheeks and went to sit in Noah’s car.

He looked my way with a straight face and I smiled.
“No……” I was about saying.
He ignored me entered his car and drove off with Diego.

What’s wrong?
“What’s happening?”I asked no one in particular.
Yesterday we were fine.

“Let’s go”Carla said and I nodded.
Is he okay?
I sighed and we boarded a cab to the hospital.

????Nala’s POV.

I am going to change the reports today.
I will make a fake one!
I can’t afford to loose Noah!

I got down from my car and entered the hospital.
I signed in and met Carla and Nala talking to the new doctor.
I checked my bag and panicked.
The results? I left it in my room.
Oh d*mn! But no one is going there.

I sighed in relieve and entered Noah’s office.
He was so engrossed in work that he didn’t notice my presence.
I kissed his cheeks and he turned to see me.
I smiled and he got up.

“Nala , you are here”he said and fixed his hands into his white coat.
“Yeah! , you were expecting me”I said and he smiled.
“Yeah , did you bring the reports I want Theresa to examine you”he said and I stiffened.
“What…wha..what are you saying?”I asked and he frowned

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“The reports , did you bring it?”he asked and I shook my head.
“You have to go bring it”he smiled and I nodded.
“But why do you need it?”I asked worriedly.

“Theresa asked for it”he said and I forced a smile.
That da*mned woman.
“I will go get it”I said shakily and left his office.
I have to make new reports.

I rushed outside and entered my car zoming off with a non study heart. I was Soo scared!!!

Noah’s POV.
Why is she behaving weird.
Does she have complications.
I have to know before is too late.

I walked down the hallway and met Theresa.
“Good morning”she said and I kissed her cheeks.
“Morning Theresa”I said and she smiled.
“So where is Nala?”she asked.

“Well she is going to bring them”I said and she nodded.
“Anya prepared the results , maybe she doesn’t want you to know she has complications”Theresa said and I scoffed.
“We can help her at this stage”I said and she smiled lightly.
“I will be in my office”she said and I nodded.

I went to Blake’s office to find some people there.
What? Carla’s parents , and her elder brother.
I smiled at them when they noticed me.

Carla came in shortly with Anna.
“Carla”her mother said with glistening eyes.
“Mom? , How did you know where I work?”Carla asked gob smacked.

“Greg found out”her father said.
“We are sorry”her mother said and hugged her.
Carla wanted to pull away but I saw Blake give her a stare.
She hugged her back and I smirked.
Is something going on between Carla and Blake?

She hugged her father too and her brother.
“I am sorry”her father said.
I looked inside the room and I couldn’t find Anna.

I sighed and looked at the family reunion before me.
“So you have forgiven them?”her elder brother asked still holding her and she nodded.
I went out to look for Anna and saw her huging Chris.
That bastard! Arrrgh!

Blake’s POV.

I watched as Carla chatted with her parents like nothing happened.
I smiled as I looked at them.
“This is Blake , my friend”she said to her parents and they smiled at me.

“Hello sir , ma’am”I said and shook their hands.
“Thanks for changing her mind”her mom said and I nodded.
“No need ma’am”I said.
“Okay! , Carla we will get going , the restaurant has been left unopened for a week”her dad said and she smiled.

“Dad am good here”she said and he smiled.
“I know , we will be taking the fastest flight to Manhattan now”her brother said and she nodded.

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Carla left with them , probably to excort them.
The new doctor entered when they left.
“We have a surgery in twenty minutes”Chris said and I nodded smiling.
“Copy that”I said and he nodded leaving.

Carla came in minutes later all smiles.
“Thanks”she said and I got up.
“Welcome”I said and she hugged me.
“You okay”I said burying my face in her short brown hair.
We disengaged from the hug and she nodded.
I clasped my lips on hers.
We pulled apart when we heard some one clear a throat.
We turned to see Theresa and Noah starring at us.
Noah smirked and left the room.

Theresa chuckled at Carla’s flushed face and she left my office embarrassingly.

Carla’s POV.

I saw Anna going through some papers in our dressing room and she smiled at me.
Am so happy I made up with them.
Is like a huge burden has been lifted off my chest.

“Your parents are gone?”she asked and I nodded.
“Why is your face like that?”I asked and she shrugged.
“Is it that obvious?”she asked and I nodded.
“Noah is getting married to Nala”she said and i gasped.
“What?”i screamed.
“Yes!”she said bitterly. God!

“Why? , I taught you guys settled your differences and confessed a night ago?”I asked and she wiped her tears.
“Nala is pregnant”she blurted out and I shrieked.
Whaaaat? What is happening?
“Don’t tell me is for Noah”I said and she nodded.
She hugged me and she cried on my shoulder.

“I love him Carla”she said and cried on my shoulder.
“It’s okay”I said patting her hair.
Some one came inside and we disengaged from the hug.
” Please excuse us Carla , I want to talk to her”Noah said with an emotionlessly.
I looked at Anna and she nodded, I smiled and left.

????Hailey’s POV.

We were in Nala’s parents house having wine and talking.
We’ve become close families off late.
Suddenly I wanted to pee.
“Juliana , I need to use the washroom”I said and she nodded.
“Excuse us”Juliana and I said.
Roberts and Fred nodded not paying any proper attention to us.

We led me to a room down the hallway and I thanked her.
“Nala’s room , it’s the nearest here”she said and I nodded whiles she left.
I entered into the washroom and did my business.

I came out to and was about to leave when something caught my eyes.
It was a brown envelope.
I smiled when I took it and saw it was Nala’s pregnancy reports.

Just that night made Nala carry Noah’s child.
She must be two weeks and some days.
I opened it and my eyes caught something…….