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Hospital Romance. Episode 11

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???????????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE ????????
????{cold and crazy meets again}????

???? Episode 11 ????

???? Anna ????

Carla was standing at the door shocked.
What is happening?

“Carla are you okay?”I asked.

I walked to the door and i stood there with wide eyes.
What is he doing here?

“Damien?”I said and he smirked.

“My sugar plump”he said and smiled.

“What do you want?”Carla asked and he scoffed.

“I came to meet her in private”Damien said to Carla.

“Well too bad , say what you want and leave”Carla said.

“Why did you do it?”I asked and he snorted.
“Do what?”he asked me.

“Why did you drug Noah’s mom and lied in bed naked with me , why did you frame me?”I asked him.

“I did no such thing doll”he said and smirked.

“You did it , but you didn’t touch me”I said and he smiled.

“So smart aren’t you”he said.

“If you didn’t want me why did you frame me?”I asked and he smiled.

Anna control yourself!

“Just wanted to have some fun” he said.
So he just did that for nothing.

“You were Noah’s best friend for pete’s sake”I yelled at him.

“Too much questions doll , let me in”he said wanting to enter.
I pushed him and he stumbled.

“Get out”Carla yelled angrily.

“Mommy what’s wrong”I turned to see Diego staring at Damien.

“Go inside , go ok”I said and he nodded.
He went back inside and I saw Damien smirking.

“Anna you have a kid?”he asked and I scoffed.

“Get out I regret been friends with you”Carla yelled and banged the door in his face.

“Come on”I said and we sat down.

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“Mommy , who was he?”Diego asked.

“No one”I smiled and ruffled his hair.

“Aunt Carla I want beacons for breakfast”Diego said.

“Ok , let’s go and cook”Carla said and went to the kitchen with Diego.

What did Damien mean?
Was it a planned thing or what?

But why?
Why did he do it?

I pondered about it and I was getting tired.
“Gosh!” I muttered under my breath.

????️ Noah ????️

I stared at Nala who won’t stop smiling.
God! , I felt like killing her.

Yesterday’s memories came back.
I lost control.

Damn it!!!
“Noah it was great what are you thinking?”Nala asked.

“Am going to take a shower”I said and got up putting a towel around my waist.

“Can I come with you?”she asked and I snorted.

“You have caused a lot of havoc already” I said.

“Don’t act like I forced you”she yelled and I scoffed.

” Go to the guest room and take a shower”I said and entered the bathhouse.

I stood under the shower cussing.
What in heavens name did I do?

I can’t love Nala.
But I clearly had s*x with her.

What is wrong with me.
I run my hands through my hair faustratedly.

“F*ck”I cussed loudly under the shower.
I sighed and cleaned my body with the towel.

I entered the room and Nala wasn’t there.
Her clothes were gone too.

“Thank God!”I mumbled and got dressed.
Then I remembered blake’s message.

I went downstairs and saw Nala with my parents.
God shoot me already!

“Noah!, Nala is going home”Mom said.

“I already took a shower and thanks”she said and kissed m mom’s cheeks.

She hugged my father.
I watched their drama and rolled my eyes.

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She came to kiss my cheeks and left.

“She spent the night?”mom said happily.
“Look mom am not in the mood okay , I got business to handle”I said and left.

I entered my sports car and drove out of the house.
Blake’s house is not far from here.

He stays down the street in 17 avenue green street.
I checked the time and it was nine am.

A few minutes later I pulled up infront of his mansion.

Blake stays alone.
His parents died in a fire outbreak.

I parked in his compound and entered the living room.

“Where is blake?”I asked one of the maids.

“He is in his study room”she said and left.

I entered the study and he was playing games.
Games in the study room?

“Blake”I called and he turned and saw me.

“Hey never knew you will be coming today here” he said and paused it.

“Now your study is used for games”I said and he chuckled.

“Theresa was coming to see you but I told her to stop” he said and I frowned.

“Why?” I asked and he smiled.

“I told her I will tell you my self”he said.
I arched my brow Questionly.

“About what?” I asked and he scoffed.

“The son stunt Anna pulled was true”Blake said and I heard a bang in my head.

“What are you talking about?”I asked blake.
I sat down on the couch shocked.

A son?
Anna has a child?

But how?
“Anna has a son”he said and I scoffed.

“Is that a joke or what?” I asked him.

“No , the child is yours”he said and I frowned.

“What the h*ll are you talking about?”I said angrily.

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“You and Anna have a son , you are a father”blake said and my eyes grew wide.

A son?
A father?

Those words kept ringing in my head loudly.
I stared at blake and he shrugged.

I have a son?

???? Nala ????
When I got home mom was eating breakfast with dad.
“Good morning mom and dad” I greeted and dad smiled.

“Morning baby”Mom said.

“You spent the night at Noah’s place?”dad asked.

I nodded and went upstairs. Hi kwaku ish on+233544142683 to be added to his watsap and telegram page for more exciting stories.
My phone rang and I checked the caller.

I answered tiredly.
God! ,am drained.

????”Nala can you come over”Damien said.

????”Did you find anything?” I asked him.

????”Just come to the hotel”he said and hang up.

I put my phone down.
I changed my clothes and went downstairs.

“Are you going out?”Mom asked.
“Yeah I will be back later”I said and kissed her cheeks.

“Take care Nala”Dad said and I kissed his cheeks.
“Yes dad” I said and left.

????????????Few minutes later????????????

I packed my car infront of the hotel.
I entered his hotel suite and sighed.

“Damien?”I called loudly.
He came out from the bathroom.

“Why did you call me this morning”I said to him.

He smirked and sat on his bed.

“I found Anna’s house address”he said and I smiled.

“Then go there”I said and he chuckled.
“I already went there”he said and I grinned.

“Plan A activated”I said and he opened the refrigerator taking a can of beer.

“She has a son”he said and I frowned.

“What are you talking about?”I asked frowning.

“Anna and Noah have a son”he said.

“What?”I yelled angrily………