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Hospital Romance. Episode 23

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???????? HOSPITAL ROMANCE????????
????{cold and crazy meets again} ????

???? Episode 23 ????

Carla’s POV.

I snatched my grip from his hands immediately.
Who does he think he is?
“Carla we need to talk”Greg said and I scoffed.
“Talk?”I said and almost laughed.

Mother and Father were looking at me with pleading eyes and I smiled mockingly despite my tears.
“Carla we know we made a mistake , we wanna make it up”Mother said and I scoffed.
“As you can see , I am doing fine , I don’t need any of you”I said sternly and grabbed Blake’s hands going to the car.

I entered and burst into tears.
After all these years. They sacked me out of thier lives.
Blake entered and glanced at me.
“Are you okay?”he asked and I shook my head.
“Can you take me home?”I asked and he nodded.

“We will continue this some other time”he said and I forced a smile.
“I am sorry for what happened”I said and he smiled.
“You wanna talk about it?”he asked.
Should I tell him? Will he think am a whore?

“Yes!”I said and he smiled.
“I will take you to somewhere quiet”he said and drove off .
*????????FEW MINUTES LATER????????

We arrived at a park and I sighed.
It was quiet and children were sitting on the grass.
We alighted from the car and he led me to a bench.

When we sat down , he offered me a soda coke and I looked at him Questionly.
He smirked but I noticed the sadness in his eyes.
“Are you okay?”I asked wiping my wet eyes.

“I always get torns of soda cokes in my car when I want to drown in my sorrows”he said and I smiled a little.
I opened the can and sipped a little.
He was sipping his and his eyes were far away.

I watched him and I smiled.
Blake is handsome , cute blonde hair , piercing eyes , sharp jawline and plump lips.
They were so pink!

“You know you should stop drooling”he said and my cheeks flushed.
“I am not”I said and he smiled , I sighed and looked away.
“Let’s talk , why were you rude to your parents?”he asked and sipped from his can.

“They disowned me”I said simply and he nodded.
“You know my parents died in a fire outbreak , I wish they were here now”he said and I gasped.
“I am sorry”I said and he nodded.
“Why did they disown you?”he asked changing the topic and I stiffened immediately.

I think he noticed and he smiled softly.
“I won’t judge you Carla”he said and I nodded slowly.
“My parents owned a restaurant , the business was going down day by day , I needed money to pay my fees , my nursing school fees ,there was no money, the director told me if only I slept with him he would not allow me to pay anything till I complete”I said wiping tears.

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“You allowed him?”Blake asked and I nodded sniffing.
“The worst mistake I ever did , I gave him my dignity”I said and he wrapped his arms around me.
“It’s okay”he said and I sniffed.
I placed the empty can in the bin near me and wiped my tears with my palms.

“I got pregnant , and they disowned me , called me a whore”I said and Blake handed me a tissue.
I took it and wiped my eyes.
“The baby?”Blake asked.

“I lost it , had a miscarriage”I said and he wiped my tears with his thumps.
“That doesn’t make you a whore”he said and I nodded.
“My elder brother talked to my parents but they didn’t listen , l was sent out of the house , Greg helped me a lot but now , I don’t need any of them”I said and he chuckled.

“But they felt sorry and I think they regret what they did , they want you back , you can’t shut them out forever”he said and I nodded.
“But it’s hard”I said and he smiled faintly.
“Try to forgive them”he said and I hugged him.
I still remember that day clearly.

???????? Flash back………????????
“Get out , you whore”mother yelled.
“Mom , it was a mistake, I am sorry”I pleaded.
“Your director for crying out loud Carla , and got pregnant”Father yelled and I bursted into tears.

“Mom , where do you want her to go?”Greg , my older brother asked.
“Stay out of it , now go”Father yelled and I shook my head.
Where should I go?

“Am sorry Mom , but I don’t have any where to go”I said crying but she shook her head.
“You are a disgrace Carla , get out , I don’t wanna see you here in the next five minutes”Dad said and I nodded slowly and went out.

“Carla wait”I turned to see Greg coming to me.
I hugged him and he kissed my hair.
“It’s okay , I have an apartment down town , go there”he said giving me the address and I nodded.

“Thanks”I said slowly.
“Go now”he said and I nodded.

????????End of flashback
I will have to find Greg.
I miss him.

“Thanks , for listening”I said and he wrapped his hands around me.
We disengaged and he smirked at me.
“Our date is ruined let’s get you home”he said and got up.
He gulped the last content in the can and dumped the empty can in the bin.

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“When a girl kisses a man on thier first date is she cheap?”I asked staring at his pinkish lips.
“Depends on how it lasts”he said and I nurged him.
“Doctor Blake are you flirting with me?”I asked and he smiled.

He got closer and stared at me for while before he clasped his lips on mine.
His hands went to my waist and mine went to his neck playing with the dirty blonde locks of his hair.
I moaned into his mouth when he nibbled my lower lip.

We separated when we needed air.
We were both breathless and his orbs burnt into my soul.
I blushed and left him to sit in the car , he got inside and winked at me.
“Let’s get you home , it’s late”he said smiling and I nodded.
He ignited the engine and drove off.

Nala’s POV.

Panicking wasn’t my state.
I was d*mn scared.
What was wrong with me?
I can’t loose Noah , no!
I drove recklessly ignoring all the traffic signs and instructions.

I got to his house and opened the door without knocking.
There he was about to open the reports.
“Noah!”I shrieked and he flinched.
“Jesus Nala , you scared me!”he groaned angrily and I forced a smile.

“I am sorry”I said and snatched the reports from him.
He looked at me wierdly and I gulped.
“Why did you do that?”he said and I flinched.
“You said yo…you w..wanted t..to talk ..to..me”I said trying hard not to stammer.
But God! I couldn’t.

“Aaah , yes! ,Do you know Damien is in town?”he asked and I looked at him shocked.
How did he know?
Did Damien show himself? That bastard!
Or did Noah see him somewhere or did Anna tell him?
“I…I..do.. don’t know what..you…a..are talking about , who is Damien?”I asked and he frowned.
“Our friend in highschool, really you don’t remember Damien?”he asked and I swallowed my spit.

“Oh! , the one Anna cheated on you with?”I asked and he clenched his jaw.
“Yes!”he gritted out.
“No! , I haven’t seen him in town”I said and he nodded.
“Okay , I will be back”Noah said and went upstairs.

I looked at the reports and sighed in relief.
D*mn , I nearly had an attack!
He came back wearing new clothes, a black jeans with a white shirt and a jacket.
He looked handsome.

“Okay! , Let me see the reports , I want to know how many weeks you are”he said and I blinked.
“Well am two weeks”I said shivering slightly.
“O…okay”he said and frowned.
Oh God!
Don’t let him suspect me!

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“I am going to my parents house , I need to talk about somethings with them”he said and I nodded.
“I will go home to”I said and he smiled.
We both left the house and went into our separate cars.
I drove home feeling relieved.

????Anna’s POV.

I opened the door when I heard a knock to find Carla.
She came in and sat on the couch tiredly.
I smiled and she grinned widely.
Okay! , Why is she smiling widely?

“What happened?”I asked and she smiled.
“The date was ruined but we went to a park to have soda and we ended up kissing”she said and i gasped.
“Kissing?”I asked and she nodded.
“Aww , but how was the date ruined?”I said and she smiled sadly.

“I met Mother and Father”she said and I stood there in bewilderment.
“What?”I said and she nodded. Hi omeano Simon on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories.
“They came to look for me here and I saw them coming out of the restaurant Blake was taking me to”I said and she nodded.

“You spoke to them?”I asked and she shook her head.
“I snubbed them and I told Blake all about what happened in the past, he didn’t judge me , he only told me to forgive them”she said and I nodded.
I wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged her.

“Go and take a shower and lets go to bed”I said and she nodded.
We went upstairs and I sighed.
She is very lucky , my parents for once never looked for me.

Noah’s POV.

I entered the house of my parents thinking about Nala.
Is there some complications she would have and doesn’t want me to know?
Why is she behaving wierdly?

Or is she hiding something?
I have to talk to Theresa.
“Hey Mom!”I said when I entered and saw Mom and dad watching a soap opera.

“Noah!”Mom said and got up to hug me.
I hugged her and she smiled.
“Noah! , you are back home”Dad said and I scoffed.
“I am just coming to visit”I said rolling my eyes.

“So how is your son?”Mom asked and I smiled.
“He is good , you wanna see him?”I asked.
“Nala’s parents were here , they want you to get married to her Next month”Mom said changing the topic .
“What?”I said angrily……