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My Bethroded. Episode 13

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 13
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

” And here comes the heartbreaker ” I chuckled standing in front of Stephen..

” What’s the meaning of this Alexa? Why are you double crossing me?” He asked

” I am very glad you still remember my name Steph ”

” The last time I checked, you never liked me so why did you ambush me?” He asked and I chuckled…

” Ambush? I didn’t ambush you, I only came for us to talk and congratulations. I learnt you are getting married after sleeping with almost all the ladies and equally broken my best friend’s heart ”

He stared at me surprisingly as he stood frozen.

” H did you know?”

Like really?

” That is non of your business ” I snapped

” Alexa ” he called faintly…

” D…did you know her?” He stuttered..

” Oh well she’s my friend, hold up let me show you our picture together ” I brought out my phone and scrolled it down to the picture.

I actually took a picture with her but we are not friends. Trust me, I am mischievous.

” Here” I shoved my phone close to him smirking mischievously.

His eyes widened, I can see clearly that he’s scared. Very good! Exactly what I want..

” I am sure she will love it when I show her the clip with me ” I grinned.

I played the clip stylishly while glancing at him to see his reaction…

His voice, moans and the Ladies voice shouting STEPHEN FASTER filled our ears …

He blinked rapidly maybe not believing his ears…

” You are not only a philanderer but also a fool, you lack sense Stephen. How do you feel been heartbroken? ”

” Y… you set me up?” He stammered. I shook my head smiling

” How can I do that handsome? I just carried out a practical ”

His face darkened and he came closer to me. Does he thinks that I am afraid?

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I don’t know how but he snatched the clip from me and smashed it on the floor….

” Do not try me Alexa, I might be a flirt to all but I can do more than that ” he warned sternly..

I blinked my eyes and burst out laughing…

” You are the most foolish person I have ever known Stephen, I knew you were going to try this rubbish but I am way smarter than your ass ”

” You see the clip? Jane has 12 of it, Jenna has 12 of it and an unknown has the original tape with him so don’t think you are free ”

” Even if you murder the three of us, your wedding will never take place ”

” Instead of you to beg, you broke the clip and threatened me? You are a fool Stephen ” my grin widened at the way he stood frozen without any word coming out of his mouth

” Cat cut your tongue?” I chuckled

” P… please Alexa, I am really sorry for playing with Jane’s feeling. Don’t destroy my marriage please ” he begged and I laughed humorously

” Now you are being a good boy ”

” I will do anything you girls want but don’t just show those clips to Stephanie I beg you ”

” Wow! Wow! You are ready to comply?” I asked and he nodded..

” Good! Follow me ”

” Huh?”

” I said follow me jackass ” I snapped as I began walking away while he followed suit.. Fool!

???? Zach ????

I think I am beginning to regret why I don’t keep friends.

I need advice from someone about this whole thing that’s happening to me…

The only person I am afraid of and respect so much is Mum but then, Alexa came into the picture.

I don’t know shit about what I feel when she’s nearby or far away.

This days I find myself thinking about her. I even moan her name when f**king those bitches .

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Just last night, I called mum Alexa and she thought I was becoming lovesick.

I never fell in love with anyone before so all this feeling is new to me.

I don’t just know how she did it. She stopped me from smoking permanently .

I didn’t kill her the first time she talked back to me till now which is unusual. …

Since the betrothed and marriage issue, I only think of how to get on her nerves just to piss her off.

I totally forgot about murdering. I think I am having a soft heart now….

The way I allowed that guy go yesterday still baffles me. He spilled drink on me and he went on his knees immediately.

Everyone knows what I can do so no one plays with his life….

I didn’t say shit, I just walked away with just the thought of Alexa getting mad if she hears I killed again after calling me a murderer.

Everything in my head screams her name…
Sometimes I think I am going crazy. …

I love to see her angry and that’s why I do all that…

And I have tried so hard to let go off the feelings but I guess it’s getting stronger each day.

I wish to apologize to her for what happened hours ago but I don’t know how to go about it ..

Oh yes! Eric. I need to call him over maybe discuss with him for the first time.

Thank goodness I still have the asshole’s number… I dialed it and he picked up immediately. A phone addict

???? I am not dreaming right?????

He yelled immediately. The main reason I don’t get along with him, he talks a lot.

???? Did you want to damage my eardrum Eric? ????

I questioned and he chuckled over the phone

???? No bro, I am just surprised you called . Isn’t that worth it?????

???? I know I haven’t been calling so you ought to be happy ????

????Idiot! So why did you call????

???? I think I need your help ????

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???? I knew it, the Zach I know will never call when it’s not…????

???? Shut up okay!????

I cut in and he laughed

???? Okay so what’s it? ????

???? Can you come over? I am home ????

???? Alright be there in a few minutes ????

He said and hung up…
Well Eric is my cousin brother, we used to be friends when we were little but fuck happened. I traveled to school.


” You are whipped bro ” he said laughing so hard. You see why I don’t like him?
He takes everything as a joke.

” I am serious here Eric ”

” So a girl can change you this way? You are in love damn ” he said and I huffed

In love? Is he crazy?

” How can you say that Eric? Alexa and I don’t get along ” I replied

” Alexa?” He questioned and I furrowed my brows….

” Yes Alexa, any problem?”

” No, it’s seems like the name is familiar or maybe there’s someone I know that bears the name too ” he shrugged

” Okay, so what should I do then?”

” You have to agree with yourself that you love her. If you don’t love her , you wouldn’t stop the whole smoking. I can’t believe you don’t take ciggrette anymore. You know, there was a time I became so scared of you but now, you are so cool. You called me and you are actually telling me about you Zach. That’s to show the effect she has on you, your mum’s didn’t even merit it. It is the power of love ”

Long lecture! I don’t understand a thing from what he said. I agree that I have feelings for her but is it love? We hate each other right?

” Okay! I agree, I think I love her. What do I do? Alexa doesn’t like me a bit ”

” Then you have to be nice towards her from now on, that’s a first step of winning her heart”.