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My Bethroded. Episode 16

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 16
By Simrah Saeed

Final episode of season 1

???? Alexa ????

I drove back home feeling so hot. I never knew I was going to see Eric again and to worsen it all, he turns out to be Zach’s cousin.

Remembering what I went through is a painful thing for me. I failed apparently all my exams in that semester because I couldn’t let go of the trauma of being hurt by the one I trusted so much.

Audrey didn’t only snatch my boyfriend but played a big role in getting me deflowered.

That horrible moment came rushing back. I am trying so hard to be strong right now because I don’t wish to drop a tear, not for Eric again.

Through out my day in the University, I wasn’t myself neither could I have engaged in another relationship not until I met Logan.

Well, all turns out to be history today although I am glad I didn’t give him my body. He just walked away from the relationship and ever since, I haven’t dated again.

Maybe I am not destined to be loved .
I don’t believe Zach will ever love me because we don’t like each other.

He despise me so how the hell will the love happen?

I feel like I am the unluckiest lady in the universe.

Quite well, I have everything but love.

” Are you okay Alexa?” Emma asked as she saw me by the door. I guess she drew Annabel and mum’s attention to me.

” I.. I am , it’s just a minor migraine ” I said holding my head .

Truthfully, my head hurts so badly. It feels I am recovering from a lost memory.

” Are you sure ?” Mum asked coming towards me worriedly

” Yes I am mum, you don’t need to worry ”

” I should call the doctor to check up on you ” Annabel shipped but I shook my head…

” I took some aspirin already, it will go ”

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” Take my bag inside Emma ” I said sitting on the couch while she nodded and collected my handbag.

” Are you sure you don’t need the doctor? Your temperature is high Alexa ” mum said worriedly touching my body while I rolled my eyes.

” I am fine mum, trust me ”

” Okay, where’s Zach? I thought you went out with him?”

” Y…yeah, his car broke down so I drove him home ” I lied clearly

” Okay, I can see you are tired. Lunch will be ready soon, why don’t you go freshen up first?”

” I will do that, I just need to rest a bit”

” Alright hunny, I will be in the kitchen ” she said and left …

Annabel sat beside me eyeing me suspiciously. She knows me too well.

” You can speak to me you know, what’s wrong?” She asked

” Uhhm, it’s nothing Anna. Don’t worry about me I’m fine ”

” You are not Alexa, hope you know I can read through you?” She asked and I nodded.

” Then open up, don’t you trust me anymore?”

” I do ”

” I am listening ”

” I saw my ex at Zach’s house and he happened to be his cousin, I.. don’t know but seeing him with Zach gives me the impression that they might be the same” I said truthfully

” You can’t judge that way Alexa, they might be related but not the same. If Zach loves you he won’t treat you bad if that was what that your ex did ”

” Truly, for the past few months. I have seen that Zach has changed and I am very certain is because of you. We haven’t heard any information about him murdering someone or thereabout ”

” I believe he loves you Alexa”

She said and I chuckled. I concur with her that Zach has changed over the month.
He’s become more polite and he quitted smoking but that doesn’t mean he did that for me .

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I don’t believe Zach loves me, he can’t because he despise me.

” That’s a joke Anna, Zach can never love me ”

” That’s what you believe but do not punish him for the crime committed by his brother. That guy is a fool to have left you for whatever reason it might be ”

” You are an angel and any sane man will love to be with a lady like you. I am sure he regret leaving a rare gem like you”

Aw! I can’t stop smiling, look at how she just lightened me up .

Isn’t she the sweetest sister in law ever?

” Thank you Anna ”

” It’s fine, I am always here for you and don’t ignore Zach okay?”

” Noted ”

” So, I need to freshen up”

” Okay, be back soon”


???? Zach ????

Is this guy serious right now?

” Are you mad Eric?” I yelled restraining myself from punching him again. At least for the fact that he gave me a good advice minutes ago .

” I… truly regret what I did and I didn’t know you were going to end up with her ” he said apologetically but that’s not it.

” What the hell did you do to her in the past huh?” I yelled angrily and he kept mute. He didn’t say a word nor respond to what I just said as he kept staring at me…

” Answer me Eric, you know I am trying hard not to leash out on you so speak ”

” Okay, I.. made her fall in love with me so that I can uhhmm”

” Speak up Eric or you want me to punch you first?”

” So that I can deflower her and win a dare of 2million with my friends ”

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Wait! My head began spinning. How callus?

” You deflowered her because of money? You broke her heart?”

He shook his head and that angered me.

I held him up with his collar giving him a hard slap.

” Why did you do that huh? You were from a rich home and 2million naira shouldn’t be a problem for you ”

” Why did you chose to bet with someone’s feeling? Did you know how much it might have hurt her?” I slapped him again and he fell on the floor with red cheeks

” I am sorry Zach, I promise to apologize to her ” he groaned

” Will that make the pain you caused her go? ” I chuckled dryly

” I just hope she forgives you and don’t get mad at me because of your selfishness else, you will be the last person I will murder before I put a final stop fool”

” Just pray she doesn’t get mad at me Eric ” I said running upstairs to get my phone ….


I dialed her number but she wouldn’t pick up which is getting me worried.

I can’t let her be mad at me, maybe I should go see her myself. That will be better

I picked up my car and headed down stairs to her house.
I don’t care who sees me as a psycho right now.

Remembering such a horrible past might break her again but I will sure deal with that idiot Eric if I see she’s not okay.

All I want is to see her okay. She’s mine and only mine…..
I will do what it takes to show her that I love her..


Geng geng!!!!

This is the ending of season 1.

Season 2 will be more spiced .

Watch out for the romantic journey of two hearts. ????

The next season is based on romance, suspense, forgiveness and love. …

Watch out ????????❤️