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My Bethroded. Episode 15

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????,he’s rude ????)

Episode 15
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

” Eric?”

” Alexa?”

No! This can’t be happening, how the hell did he becomes Zach’s cousin?

I get it, being flirtatious is a trait.

He stood up taking a step towards me but I stopped him

” Do not come close to me fool”

I said stepping back wars and I fell in Zach’s arm.

He didn’t say a word as he just stared at us with a confused look.

” Alexa… I am..”

” What’s happening here? Did you know each other before now?” Zach asked holding me firmly .

I glanced at him releasing myself from his grip …

” H… he’s not your cousin right Zach?” I asked skeptically

” He is the one I told you about, can you guys explain what’s going on here? ”

Eric shook his head without glancing at any of us.

” You can ask your said brother, I am out of here ” I said dashing out of the room.

I have vowed never to cry for a man again which I must not do.

Eric was my first boyfriend. I was so in love with him that I thought he did same too not knowing he was after something.

I regret the day I fell for him…

???? Flashback….????

” E… Eric ” I stammered nervously as he reached for my shirt…

We went into a searing kiss while his hands went inside my shirt trying to unhook my bra.

” E… Eric” I called again but he didn’t answer.

He unhooked my bra before fondling my b**bs

I moaned out loudly but…. Is it the right time?

He was just on his shorts so everything was easy for him.

He removed my shirt placing his mouth on my n***le .

” Eric stop please ” I gently pushed him away with my hands which got him angry…

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” What is wrong with you Alexa? I am your boyfriend for heaven sake, why are you denying me sex? ” He yelled angrily .

I don’t know but I am not ready for this, my heart doesn’t accept it….

I hate to get him angry, I love Eric so much that I will do anything to keep him…

” I… sorry Eric, just that… not ready ” I stuttered and he scoffed.

” Okay, I get it. You don’t love me Alexa ”

” I do love you and you know that Eric ”

” Then why the hell are you denying me sex huh? Don’t I have the right to touch you?” I shook my head without saying a thing.

” This relationship is over, I have come to understand that I mean nothing to you Alexa ”

This is exactly what I don’t want. I don’t want to loose him. I don’t think I can do without him by me as my back bone

” please, don’t break up with me this way Eric I beg you please ”

” You can leave now Alexa, I don’t want to see you near me again ” he snapped impatiently

I took in a deep breathe. I just can’t loose him , I have grown to love him more than I should have but I can’t help the feelings.

” Okay, can have me ” I said defeatedly .

What do I have to do? He’s my boyfriend after all and I love him.

His smiles widened as he pushed me to the bed again.

” So thoughtful of you baby ” he said slamming his lips against mine while using his hand to caress my thigh…

I feel scared because it was my first time…

I know I won’t regret this because he’s my love, the man I am in love with.

He removed his shorts before he slowly penetrated into me….
I gave him my virginity, the first man that saw me naked.

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Next morning………

I knocked excitedly on Eric’s door but no answer. Is he not home? But the door isn’t locked up

I have tried calling him severally since morning but he wouldn’t pick up so I decided to check on him to see if he’s alright.

He’s upstairs maybe. I opened the door going straight into his room just to meet with the worst shock of my life .

Eric in bed with my best friend Audrey.

My bag fell off my hand and that brought their attention to me.

I tried so hard to be strong but my eybags couldn’t hold the tears any more and it poured freely…

They both smiled widely and irritatingly at me

” E… Eric ” I called faintly.. my legs and voice were beginning to betray me as I wobbled and fell on the floor…

” Dear Alexa, what are you doing here? I am done with you. A cheap whore like you ”

My head did some crazy dance taking in what he just said…. A cheap whore?

” Why are you wasting your time with her? Let’s continue what we were doing before she interrupted darling ” Audrey said smirking

” Well, if you must know. I never loved you but Audrey here ” he gave her a kiss and she smiled waving at me..

My best friend betrayed me?

” You were just some game I won with my friends, a bet rather ”

” My friends and I had a bet that whoever gets to deflower you will get away with 2million cash and that’s exactly the game that I played and won ”

” You thought you were in love, poor you. I was just acting and I think I did well ”

” So now that I have gotten what I wanted, I don’t want you to be seen around me and lastly I will be leaving to California so enjoy your stay here now get the fuck out Alexa ” …

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???? Flashback ends ????

I sighed as I entered into my car, with this.
I wish I knew Jane and Jenna then, we could have thought him a lesson.

I don’t think my relationship with Zach can work. If they are related, how sure am I that they don’t have the same trait?

???? Zach ????

” Alexa wait please ” I ran after her but it was late. She entered the car nd drove off.

What the hell just happened ?

Eric facepalmed himself while hitting his leg consecutively on the floor .

” What just happened Eric? Where did you know Alexa from?”

He didn’t answer but stared at me pathetically…

” I am asking you again Eric,where the fuck did you know Alexa and why is she mad at you? You just ruined everything for me ”

” Answer the damn question Eric” I snapped grabbing his collar…

” She’s my ex okay ”
I released my hand from his as I staggered back ward…
His ex?

Alexa dated him before? Oh my goodness!

” What did you do to her?” I queried

” I know I messed up but.. I am sorry ” I punched his jaw and he began bleeding…

” You are sorry? Don’t you know that whatever you might have done to her is going to affect me now that I am changing because I love her? She will think we are same Eric ” I yelled

Everything I am looking forward to can’t be destroyed like that, not when I am falling in love for the first time in my life.

” I never knew we were going meet this way Zach, I am sorry for what I might cause you later”