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My Bethroded. Episode 10

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???? My Betrothed ????
(She’s feisty ????, he’s rude ????)

Episode 10
By Simrah Saeed

???? Alexa ????

” Why laughing? I am serious here ” Brandon said smiling

” That’s because I know you are just flattering me ” I replied.
He chuckled and shook his head.

” Of course not, you know the first time we met. What attracted me to you was your humbleness, if it was some spoilt rich kid, they will just give me a cold shoulder and walk pass me ”
He explained

” You are responsible despite that you are from a rich home” he said and I narrowed my eyes. I have never bragged about it to anyone or told him so how did he know?

” And who told you that?”

” Well, I made a research about you ” he shrugged

What made him got to that extent?

” Because I was very certain you weren’t going to tell me about that, the more reason I want to be friends with you ”

” There’s just a special Aura around you ”

Goodness! Should I turn red or pink?

He just won’t seize to make me blush Gosh!

” T.. thank you ” I said not knowing what else to say .

” Did I just make someone blush? That’s impressive ” geez! What can be worse than this?

He’s definitely making me more red.

” Brandon ” I called playfully.

” Seriously, thank you for coming” he said

” And thank you for the meals ”

” It’s nothing ”

” Okay I’ll be leaving now, it’s getting late ”

” Yeah okay, I guess you came with your car?”

” Yeah ”

” Alright I will give you a call”

” Okay bye ” I said as u stood up and left into my car …..

I just wish Zach can be like him, he’s calm, polite and respect women. Unlike Zach who uses women for only sex tools and toys .

Only his thoughts makes me sick. How’s he? To see he didn’t care, he didn’t call nor come to see me after yesterday’s club’s issue.

He’s such a brat and my only concern is the ciggrette, I hope he changes and stop smoking .

Nothing will make me more happier than that.

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???? Zach ????

I mother fucking bastard, I don’t want to rip off his head in front of Alexa. She will get frightened and I wouldn’t want that at least.

If not for anything but for the fact she changed my thoughts towards smoking.

It really did help and I am actually feeling more healthier than before.

I can’t lie… She’s changed me to some extent in just a few weeks.

Seeing her with another man aside me brings nothing but a burning sensation inside of me.

I had to leave or I might do something crazy that it will turn out to be the first thing I will regret but for that guy? I already took a mental note of him.

He have a taste of what hell looks like. I wanted to confront Alexa but I thought it will be childish and she might think I have some fucking feelings for her which is not true.

I can never like her, first, she’s not my spec, she’s not my type of woman.

I love sexy and curvy ladies of which she’s not. I am certain that’s why she always wears those baggy dresses like a pauper.

And again, I love classy and flashy ladies. She’s just from a rich home but doesn’t behaves like one.

Assuming she shows off, that’s what could have attracted me to her. I am so much in love with ladies that loves attention.

I am just imagining how it will be when we get married. She’s not worth showing off because she doesn’t have what it takes.

I just don’t want to break that guy’s bone because I am freaking jealous but because I am being a protective fiance.


???? Alexa ????

” What’s the problem Jane? Are you okay? ” I asked .

Jenna informed me that she’s been crying since two days back without telling her the reason so I have to branch today.

She just wouldn’t answer but kept weeping the more.

I drew closer to her and hugged her. Sometimes when one is in pain, just a hug can change everything.

” You know crying won’t solve what exactly is wrong but you have to be strong and face it and I know you to be a strong lady Jane, stop weeping please ”

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She sniffed as she laid her head on my shoulder.

” It’s okay ”

” Alexa I…I… ”

” Calm down, take a deep breath and talk to me okay? I am here for you ”

” Bring some water for her Jenna” I said and she nodded worriedly. I just admire the love they both share despite their constant argument

She took some water feeling more relaxed while she wiped her tears away.

” Can you tell us what the problem is now?”

She closed her eyes taking in a deep breath.

” I…it’s Stephen ”

” I… I ..I saw him in bed with another woman ” she hiccupped

I knew it wasn’t far from that fool, I never liked him because I knew the type of guy he is. He’s more worse than Zach in terms of philandering.

” I said it, I warned you Jane but you said I was blabbing now look at what that idiot put you in” Jenna said angrily while Jane cried harder

” You caused all this pain for yourself and you have to bear it alone ” she added glaring at her sister.

” Jenna stop it ” I warned

” No I am saying the fact, didn’t you warn her against that good for nothing fool? ”

” If I knew it was all about him, I wouldn’t have bothered. I am out of here ” she said and left the room while I stared at her .

Ever since they became friends with me, I have never seen this side of her. Not even once .

” She’s just angry okay! If only you listened to us, this couldn’t have happened ”

” I trusted him Alexa ”

” I know okay, I am sorry you have to take heart. We will make him pay okay? Trust me ” I assured and she nodded.

We have our usual trick or should I say plan? Yeah! He’s messed with one of us and he have to pay….

” It’s okay right! ”

” I…I am sorry I didn’t listened to you and Jenna, I..I.. thought he loved me as he claimed ”

” It’s fine, you know sometimes something have to happen for us to learn. You were so in love that you couldn’t diffrentiate from a good and a bad guy. ”

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” I am sorry! And now Jenna is mad at me ”

” She was just angry, trust me she will come around ” I said and she nodded


” What the hell? Are you insane?” I snapped at Zach who was laughing his ass out .

Did he know that can kill? Scaring me from my peaceful sleep?

” You are such a scary cat ” he said chuckling loudly while I glared dangerously at him with my hear still beating fast. I thought I was going to die.

” Don’t try this nonsense with me next time and what are you doing in my room?” If glares can kill, he’d be dead by now.

He sat next to me on the bed without saying a word but smiling foolishly.

” What are you doing here Zach?” I asked again shifting from him.

” What? Is it bad to enter my fiancee’s room? ” He asked shrugging.

” I am not your fiancee Zach, till after out engagement ” I rolled my eyes

” I mean what’s the difference? We already know that’s going to happen and so I even have the right to….. ” He said licking his lips seductively as his hands landed on my thigh.

I slapped his hand away jerking up.

” What are you trying to insinuate huh? Did I look like those whores you sleep with? ” I flared angrily what did he take me for?

” C’mon Alexa, you are going to be mine soon so what’s the difference having you now and later?” I scoffed at his words!

Like seriously?

” That will only happen if I allow that. Even if we get married today, I will never give myself to you ” I snapped

” Are you saying you will starve me with sex?” He narrowed his eyes. Shameless idiot!

” Get out of my room ” I yelled

” Are you asking me…”

” Yes leave now ” I said pointing at the door

” Okay okay I will go ” he raised his hands standing up.

” But know that I will have you Alexa, just one day. That’s a pinky promise ” ….