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My V Bride. Chapter 30

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 30

Fred’s POV

“I’m missing my wife already, I need to be with her.” I said to Alfred on phone.

“Can you give me four more days?” He asked.

“No, nigga! I’ve missed her…I’ll be arriving this night.” I said.

“Oh! fine then.” Alfred agreed and hung up.

I’ve missed Sonia so much, she must have missed me too. I can’t wait to sea her.

Alfred’s POV

Really? So I’ve just wasted my precious time chasing after what will never work.

I thought and felt sad like I was a looser, a brilliant idea popped up in my head and I called one of my friends in the city to get me a facial skin mask.

I sent the picture of Fred to him so he can carve the skin mask the exact same way Fred’s face looks.

Fred will be arriving in the next four hours and my friend had said he would have been done carving the facial skin mask in the next four hours

Four hours later, I went to meet him at his workshop and it was awesome that he was already done with it.

I placed the facial skin mask on my face and went to the mirror, I looked exactly like Fred.

Fred would get home in about an hour, I need to be fast and smart with my plan.

I drove to Sonia’s house and on getting there, I pressed the visitor’s bell and waited for her.

The door opened and Sonia hugged me tight on seeing me She had thought I was Fred.

I comported myself and acted like Fred.

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“I’ve missed you.” She said as she dragged me to her matrimonial room.

I couldn’t speak cause I felt like she might disern that I do not have Fred’s voice

I pul-led off all my clothes and was left with my boxer. I sunk to the bed and pretended like I’m was sleeping.

“Fred! Are you still angry? you haven’t even spoken to me since you came? I had cooked a delicious food for you.” She said, her face was brightened but it turned sour when I wasn’t responding.

I walked to her and dragged her to the b-ed. I made her sleep beside me and I closed my eyes.

She must be wondering what was wrong with me but I simply want Fred to meet the both of us that way.