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My V Bride. Chapter 53

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 53

Fred’s POV

Sōnia mō–aned gently as I s–K her b–ST.

“You love this right?” I questioned.

“Sure.” She replied and I plac&ed my līps on hers, we began to kīs-s passionately.

I bëg-ãn tø rù-b her p–Y with my d–K.

Her mø–ãns incrêased and I loved it. She was now gë-tting w-ët.

I īnsë-rted my d–K in gently and I felt like I was in paradise.

It was so soothing and loving.

I püshed dë-ep inside her while she let out a soft mō–An.

I bêgan to f–K sonïa passionately, I noticed some some clothing’s around my d–K and on checking, I saw that they were blø—ods.

Sweet! I just took her flø&wer.

I incrê&ased the pã–ce as I fumblëd her b–st so hãrd.

She seem to be enjoying it, so am I.

After a while, I knew I was about to relëase, I pù–shëd dë-ep inside hë-r and and relëased heavily insidë her.

She smiled on seeing me collapsing to the bë–d

“Finally!” I said and she simply smiled.

“I love you and I’ll do everything for you, even if it means you deflowering me .” She said and I kissëd her møre passionately.

“I need to ease myself.” She requested and I nodded.

I was tired, I should be expecting a baby from her.

Sonia’s POV

The door to the house opened and the girl that had disguised as me came into view.

“How was it?” I asked the lady.

She removed my facial skin mask that was on her face first and the voice disguiser in her cheek and said; “Not so easy, he made love with me, he’s inside and seems tired.”

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“Oh! Good job. Have this cheque.” I handed over the cheque of our agreed amount.

I had hired her before we even get to Russia

I love Fred and need him as my husband but I’m still not ready to be deflowered, since he wants to divorce me because of that, I need to let someone act as me.

I hope I don’t regret it and hope that he doesn’t find out.

I watched as the lady faded out of my sight, I walked inside and dressed like the lady…I walked into the room that Fred was.

I slumped to the bed.

“That was hot.” Fred said as he placed his hand aróund my brëast.”

“Yeah.” I smiled in return.