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My V Bride. Chapter 23

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My V Bride.

Chapter 23

Fred’s POV

“What are you doing Sonia?” I asked.

“Erm…kissing…” She replied slowly.

“No, that is not kissing, you are just using your lips to touch mine, who does that, should I teach you how to kiss?” I asked.

“But my brother never kissed , he only used his lips to touch that of his wife.” She countered.

“Well, I do not want that, excuse me.” I said and walked pass her.

“Hey! Wait please.” She pleaded and I paused.

She walked to me.

“I’m only nervous, okay..erm…if we kiss, are you still going to divorce me?” She asked softly and lovingly.

My days, who would seriously pray to loose this kind of pretty soft girl.

“Let’s kiss first.”

“No, it’s a risk I have to take, please promise me.” I pleaded.

“A risk? You have to take a risk to kiss me? Okay then, yes, if we kiss, I promise not to divorce you for now.” I replied.

“For now? Promise not to divorce me again.” She said.

“No, I can’t promise that, I can only promise ehnnn…three months.” I said.

“Three months is too short…but no problem. So teach me how to kiss.” She implored.

“Kissing is not just when our lips brushes together but when we lock our lips in and interlocked our li-ps, …don’t worry, as we try it, you will get it.” I said and she nodded.

I moved my head to hers slowly and placed my mouth on hers, I swallowed her lower lips in mine and began to kiss it but her lips were montionless.

She wasn’t moving her lips.

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“Do what I’m doing baby.” I instructed and as she tried to imitate me, she bite me.