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My V Bride. Chapter 76

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 76

Sonia’s POV

At night, Fred didn’t touch me, he just backed me cause he was angry.

I was hurt that he was that way to me but I couldn’t do anything.

I slept and woke the following morning, I couldn’t find him at home.

I was disturbed but still went head to cook, after I had eaten and still didn’t see him come around , I had to call him but he never picked it.

I had already dressed, so I went to work.

I came back from work many hours later and saw Fred at home, he was watching the television with his two legs on the table.

“Good afternoon.” I greeted but he snobbed.

I went to him and sat beside him.

“Fred, what you are doing to me is not fair?” I said.

“What are you talking about? I’m your husband and you can not tell me that amount you are earning as salary, you can’t help me out of my debt, I do not know what sort of wife you are , sincerely.” He said.

“I earn $12,000 for now at work, I had promised to give you $5,000 so I can have $7,000 at hand.” I said.

He then faced me and said; “I’m sorry for being harsh on you. Give me $10,000 out of it, please, I’ll add it with the $4,000 you said you had with you and pay the girl at the end of the month, I’ll tell her I’ll pay the remaing the $6,000 the following month. you will help me with your salary that time too.” He said.

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“But that will make me really stranded.” I complained.

“Your husband is in trouble here, that is the least you can do.” He said and I nodded.

“Okay.” I walked inside.

As sweet as Fred is, his unwillimgess to work is really annoying and I know how to deal with him.

I will make sure he works.

I was even pitying him and trying to understand his plight before but what’s all that about being so entitled to my money just because you are my husband?

No, that has to stop.

He has to go and work.

Five days later, it was already a week that the man that followed Anita had said they would come back to ask for her money.

As I heard a knock on the door, I knew they were the one. I would just watch them beat Fred till he decides to work.

I even have above the amount he is owing in my account.