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My V Bride. Chapter 79

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 79


Fred stood shamelessly and couldn’t utter a word.

I dipped my hand inside his pocket and brought out all the money.

“Why did you have to steal my money?” I asked.

“So you have money and you are hiding it from me?”He asked.

” Do you feel remorse at all, that you saw a money in my bag doesn’t mean I own it, it could be for my mom, it could be for my friend or for anyone. Common! You know I started working recently and its not even up to two weeks, common sense should…” I realised that I was losing it and I would not like to insult my husband.

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After I had collected all my monies, I said; ” The doctor is inside.”

I went back to the living room and he followed.

He laīd and the doctor began to treat him.

After a while, the doctor stood and said; “I’ll take my leave, I’ll come back to continue treating you tomorrow but please avoid such beatings next time, it will damamge your body.” The doctor said

I paid the doctor and he walked away.

“Baby, did you hear what the doctor said? He said you should avoid such beatings in the future.” I said.

“I know.”

“You know? Those people will come again before I collect my salary, what excuse will you give them?” I asked.

“No, the new agreement is that they would come for the money a day after you collected your salary, I guess I will be using virtually all your salary, speak to your mom to give me some too. Remember that your husband must not die.” He said.

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“Indeed, but why don’t you speak to your friends to see if they can help with any amont.”I said.

” They would tell me to work.” He said.

“And my husband is not ready to.” I said , more like a question.

“It’s illegal work that they engage in.” Fred said.

“But my mom introduced you to a legal work, why don’t you pick that? Oh! I get it, you hate work.” I said and he groaned a little.

I continued drinking my 5 Alive and watched him where he lãïd.

He slept off.

I shook my head and walked inside.

if only he knows what plan I have for my salary, till then.

He should not go and work.