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My V Bride. Chapter 78

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 78

Sonia’s POV

I followed Fred inside.

“Should I invite the doctor to treat you?” I asked as he lay on the floor in the sitting room.

“Yes please.” He answered.

“On it.” I said and was about dialing the number of the doctor when I realized that we would be paying the doctor when he is about to leave.

“Fred, did you have the money to pay the doctor?” I asked

“What….sort of question is that?” He asked as he groaned in pain.

I was confused and didn’t get what he just said.

“I was beaten cause I did not….have money and you are asking me that type of question” He said.

“I have not collected my salary and I did not have any money with me.” I lied.

I have truly not collected my salary but I sure have some money with me.

“Are you going to watch me suffer like this?” He asked.

“I can only help you borrow it, baby. I will borrow it from one of my friend but please promise to pay back.” I said.

“Where will I see money to pay back?” He asked.

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“Common love, there are many works you could do.” I said.

“How many times did I tell you that I hate working, fine….leave me like this.”He said believing that I will find a solution.

But I intentionally replied with ‘Okay.’

I went to the kitchen and get myself a 5 Alive and intentionally came before him and started drinking the chilled drink.

He watched me as I drank majestically.

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” Sonia!” He called and I quickly formed a caring and a pitiful face.

“Yes baby.”

“Is this.. What..I don’t get it, you are drinking when I’m in pain.” He said.

“But what can I do, if you start working now, you would be able to foot so many bills yourself.” I said.

“So, all these is about me working.” He said and laid there for many hours.

He didn’t say any word again, after a while, he stood and limped inside.

I felt pity on him and invited a doctor, the doctor came and I went ahead to call him but didn’t find him in his room.

I was stunned to see him coming from my room.

“Fred! What are you doing in my room?” I asked and insticively touched his ticket?

I felt money there.

“You stole my money?”