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My V Husband. Chapter 26

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 26

Rose’s POV

Ethan stood up from the floor and starred at the forensic men before setting his face on me.

He walked to me and hugged me. I was shocked and startled.

Really? So he can hug me cause of his career but he wouldn’t hug me cause of whatever reason best known to him.

I wasn’t finding it funny anymore, my face turned sour even as we hugged for few seconds.

We disengaged and both went to sit.


Following Morning!

I had packed all my luggage to the living room, Brandon is now fine. I had informed him that we will be leaving Ethan’s house.

I do not understand him anymore, he’s driving me crazy.

I thought that if he hugged me or made love with me, something terrible will happen to him but nothing actually happened to him.

He was fine even after hugging me, meaning that he must be doing that intentionally.

I’m leaving his house. I’m freaking tired of all these.

“Shall I inform him that we are living?” Brandon asked referring to Ethan.

I actually wasn’t planning on telling him, I just want to leave his house. When he can’t find me , he would find a way of reaching out to me and by then, I will tell him that I can not cope with his strange silly acts anymore.

But, him knowing I’m leaving is not bad.

“Inform him.” I ordered Brandon and he walked to Ethan’s room.

Few moments later, Ethan came out of his room with Brandon, they both stepped down.

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“My wife…what’s going on?” He asked.

“I’m leaving your house.” I said and looked away. I could not look inside his eye to tell him that.

“Why…have I offended you?” He asked gently.

“I do not understand if I have an husband living with me or a room mate, I can no longer live with you if you will not make love with me.” I said.

“Rose! Common!” He said as he walked to me.

He held my shoulder and his face melted into a pathetic one.

I stylishyly looked into his eye and felt pity for him. I really love him and its so hard leaving the person you have loved for years.

I never expected that a day will come when we will leave each other but I can help it, I can not keep living like this.

He places his two hands on my shoulder and looked into my face, he was sad. He looked like someone that had a lot to say.

“Please stay!” He begged.

“N…no! No! Unless you will start making love with me.” I said and he starred into my face for few more seconds.

He took his hands off and stood a distance away from me with his head lowered.

“Brandon, let’s go.” I said amd Brandon helped carry my luggage

I cried as I walked out of Ethan’s house.

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