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My V Husband. Chapter 27

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 27

Ethan’s POV

I sat with my head lowered on my chair, I was sad. My wife left me cause I wouldn’t make love with her.

I stood and paced to and fro my room. I couldn’t think straight. I need my wife back.

Following day!

I drove home to my mom’s house. I walked inside the house with a heavy heart.

“Ethan!” She left what she was doing and ran to me.

“Mom!” I hugged her and let the tears in my eyes fall.

“What is wrong? Please come and sit.” She said as she led me to sit.

I wanted to speak but I couldn’t.

“Tell me what is wrong, please , my dear.” She said and I sniffed as I tried so hard to hold my tears.

“Mom! Rose had left me.”

“What! You mean your wife divorced you?” She asked.

“Not yet, but she has packed her luggage away from home.”

“But she could have waited till you divorce before packing out, why would she just leave…you should sue her, that’s against the law.” My mom said.

“Mom! It’s not reasonable for me to sue my wife to come back to live with me. Even if the law forces her back, how do we live together in the same house.” I said.


“Mom! You didn’t even ask why she left me?” I asked.

“Might be what I’m thinking…cause you didn’t make love with her right?” My mom asked.

“Yea, she said she is tired of me.” I said.

“Forget about her, there are many ladies out there that could fill her space. I can even get you one.”

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“But mom! I love Rose…I do not think any other woman can take her place in my heart. ” I said.

My mom looked away frankly.

“Mom! You still haven’t told my sister and I why you didn’t want us to make love in our marriage?” I asked bitterly.

Rose’s POV

Where I moved too was a very large place too. Everything there was cool but not been with Ethan makes me so sad.

I tried to forget about him but I couldn’t. I can not just forget someone I love.

Brandon who had sat like a statue on the chair in the room kept staring at me.

I was uncomfortable with the way he was staring at me.

I stood to walk to another room but he spoke up. “Are you sad?”

I turned to him and sunk to the wall behind me.

“Very sad.” I replied. His words came at the right time, I need someone I can pour my burden on. Someone I can have a long conversation with.

He walked to me and helped me sit, he sat beside me and held my palm in his.

“You know you are a beautiful woman, right?” He asked but I couldn’t reply.

“You shouldn’t be sad. I know you really want your husband to make love with you, but…I can help.” He said and I gazed at him.


“If you would not see it as cheating, I can make love with you.” He said and I looked at him shockingly. I was surprised.

“How in the world will a robot ever make love?”

He smiled. “I was designed that way. It’s not a real d^^k, it’s manmade but it will sure make you happy.”

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I shook my head and adjusted on my sit.

“I don’t think I can do that, I will be deflowered by a robot, No!” I shook my head in disagreement.

“But you will enjoy it, plus…it can make you pregnant.” He said to my surprise.

“What! You can produce a baby?” I asked surprisingly.

“Yes… I was designed that way.” He replied. It was the first time of hearing that a robot can make love and produce babies.

He came to sit very close to me and pushed me gently on the bed.