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V. Couple. Chapter 1

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V. Couple

Written by Feathers

Chapter 1 ????

Jessie’s POV

“We are never going to have sex.”

“Amen.” I answered with my eyes closed and my head covered.

“Today is the day we get wedded, father I pray, make my wife’s pu-s:sy irritating to me.”

“Amen.” I answered.

“Oh God, I pray this day, that anytime I see my wife, let her look like a tree to me.”

“Amen.” He finally finished praying.

“It’s your turn to pray dear.” He said and lowered his head.

I started:

“Hum! Father, may my husband di-ck never rise again.” I prayed.

“Haaa!” He shouted.

“What?” I questioned.

“You are cursing for me, baby.” He countered.

“Common baby! That’s a prayer not a curse. Afterall, we have agreed not to have s-x.” I said.

He nodded slowly like he was trying to understand me and lowered his head back.

“Say Amen.” I instructed.

“Amen.” He replied slowly.

“Father, many people are happy that my husband and I get married today, hum! Let it shock them when we did not give birth, may be never give birth in this relationship.” I prayed.

“Haaaa!” My husband yelled and stood.

“That’s a curse , sweetheart.” He said.

“It’s a prayer honey, if we did not have s-x, how do we want to give birth? I prayed that prayer so that the pregnancy will not fly on me.” I said.

“Do pregnancy fly on people?” He asked.

“Look at you? Ask Mary the mother of Jesus.” I said.

“Sit down honey and say Amen.” I said and he sat back.

“Hum! Amen oooo” He replied.


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