March 22, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 4

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My V. Husband.

Chapter 4

Rose’s POV

I sat on a long couch at the bar with Ethan’s friend. I had told him that I need to see him concerning a disturbing issue.

“I believe you like the drink?” Jack said.

I nodded and lowered my head heavily. I took another gulp of the drink and faced him. “I don’t seem to understand your friend. ”

His face became puzzled as he stare at me and glanced away like someone in deep reasoning.

“Erm…can you let me know what’s going on…it’s barely a week that you guys get married.”

“Sure, do you know that, till now, Ethan and I have not made Love. Not even a kiss or a hug! What sort of a husband is that? He claims he is not ready to get deflowered. If he’s not, why did he agree that we get married?” I poured out my fret to Jack.

Jack seems to know Ethan more than anyone. They have been friends ever since I met with Ethan.

He sighed. “I really would not like to pocknose into your relationship but are you saying you never even made Love before marriage?”

“Sure, anytime I make a seducing move then, he would say ‘after marriage’ ”

He chukled out of surprise. “I know it’s not funny….sorry!” He said covering his mouth and trying to control his urge to laugh.

“Are you serious that Ethan says that before you get married? ” he giggled again. “What kind of man does that?”

“I’m as confused as you are.”

He thought for a while and looked up to me.

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“He must be keeping something from you, there are three things that comes to my mind…I mean reasons behind his strange actions towards you.” He said and paused while staring into the air as he surmised deeply

“Ethan is either impotent, has another woman somewhere or…is a g@y.” Jack let out.

I thought for a while and sighed. “What do I do now? ”

“We find out which he is.”

“You are more closer to him than anyone, you have also know him for years. I put it to you, Is he a g@y?”

“The Ethan I know is not a g@y.”

“Do you think he can cheat?”

“No, Ethan is very honest.”

“Has he ever told you he is impotent?”

” Never.” He replied.

“Rose, get an adult ‘film’ and play it at night, make sure you are naked and try to make him naked too. Ensure that he watches the movie alongside with you then watch his manh00d slowly and see if it rises. ”

“True! That’s a brilliant idea.” I said and smiled. I gave him a high five and hurried home to do exactly what he had suggested.