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My V Husband. Chapter 5

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????My V. Husband. ????

Written by Feathers. ❤️

Chapter 5

Rose’s POV

I had downloaded as many adult films as possible into my phone, I walked inside and saw him meditating at a corner of the room.

I connected the TV with my phone and played the film.

“Ethan!” I called and he raised his head and directed it at me. “Come please.”

He stood without hesitation and came to sit beside me on the bed where I was.

I knelt before him and began to pull my clothes off. He tried to cover his eyes but I yanked his silly hand away from his face angrily.

He was shocked and didn’t try to cover his eyes again. He closed it instead.

I ignored and began to pull his trousers away. He was left with no clothing in few seconds.

I sat beside him and noticed his eyes were firmly closed.

“You are scared to look at your wife’s nakedness, is that?”

“Not like I’m scared…I’m just…”

“Shy?” I completed it for him.

I covered myself with a
the bed sheet and said; I’ve covered myself , open your eyes, I’ve got something to show you.”

He obliged and looked at me. He blinked like a two year old boy while I just shook my head pitifully like a mother to her child.

“The television, watch it.”

He turned slowly to the television and I pressed the play button. The adult film began to display and to my surprise, he kept watching.

I noticed his manh00d began to rise, happiness grew in me so fast. I exhaled gaily in confirmation that he is not an impotent.

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I let him watch it for few more minutes after which I believed that he must have been fully charged.

I grabbed his manh00d seductively, he jerked all of a sudden like he was been pinched.

“You are touching the sacred thing.” He said and I shot him a curious look.

“What is ‘sacred thing’?”

“That’s why they call it private part, it’s private.” He said staring stunningly at my hand on his manh00d like I was doing something terrible.

“It’s a private part, yeah! But not to your wife, okay?”
I said and laid flat, my belly was facing the bed while my head was right before his manh00d.

I began to stroke his manh00d, he screamed all of a sudden but I ignore.

“You are stroking the sacred thing, Rose.” He said fretfully.

“Stroking is just the beginning, watch me sÜ”çk the sacred thing.”

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