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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 2

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 02.

{The Beginning Of Everything.}



“What are you talking about? You mean you’re getting married to someone and I’m just supposed to let you go? ”
Ethan raises his brows at me and I sigh before playing with the straw of my drink.

God, I can’t believe this right now! That I’m breaking up with someone I love just to get married to someone I hate so much than anything in the entire world.
It’s been weeks since dad has been pestering me to get married to Bryan and just last week the bank has she out a letter that they would be coming anytime soon to take the house if we wouldn’t pay the money.

After everything, I decided that this would be the best choice for me and I have a plan already that wouldn’t lead to me getting married to that jerk for the rest of my life.
Get married. Restore my family’s reputation. Get a divorce. Freedom.
In that exact order, that’s what I have planned on doing.

I just don’t understand any of it, why would that jerk want to married to me before he would help dad? Probably because he would love to make my life a living hell like he always enjoys doing always but I’m not going to allow that. I’m not gonna let him do that to me, not anymore.

Dad said we would be going to him today and I just deiced that it would be best to let go of Ethan. It would be selfish of me to hold on to him while getting married to another guy and I know that he would not understand any of this anyways, he wouldn’t even want to stay with me. It’s best of I just let him go.

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“Yes. I know that it doesn’t really make any sense but I don’t know what to do anymore right now. Everything is falling apart for my family and the only way that everything would be alright once again is if I get married to that guy. Trust me when I say that I don’t want to either but I have no other choice. I have to save my family. ”

“And I’m just supposed to let you go? ”
He laughs while I just stare at him, wondering why the hell he is laughing right now.

“Yes, I mean I thought that would be what you would want to do. I’m getting married to another guy and it would be selfish of me if I ask you to stay with me. ”

“Babe… ”
He smiles, grabbing my hands from across the table and squeezing it in his.
“I know that you don’t want me to be hurt but letting you go would make me even more worse than to you can imagine. I’m not gonna let go of you, not now not ever and I know you aren’t dumb enough to just stay with that guy for the rest of your life so tell me, what’s the plan?”
A smile made its way to my lips and I chuckle, grinning as my heart leaps.

Don’t I just have the most cutest and the most loving boyfriend in the world?

“As soon as he helps with everything and everything is alright once again. I plan on getting a divorce and that’s it, I’m free once again. Everything would probably be sorted out within six months or so and I just think that I should wait for few more months before issuing for a divorce so within ten months. That’s it. ”
I grin and he sighs, squeezing my hand even more harder than he did before and I let out a shallow breath.

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“Ten months is much waiting for you of course but I mean it when I said I wasn’t going to let you go so yes, it’s alright. I will just wait for you. I will be here with you. Every single time. ”
I smile and nod, letting out a breath.

And I would never let go of him either. Just ten months and I would be free from him but in those ten months, I will surely make sure we both see each other.


“I’m glad that you have finally decided to do this. This make me so proud of you than anything, you’re doing the right thing Tamara. I promise you, you’re saving your family with this. ”
Dad grins next to me as we sit in the office waiting for the jerk to show up.

“Yes yes dad. I know that, you don’t have to mention it to me anymore. ”
I groan, slightly rolling my eyes as I just wish I can get out of here as soon as possible.

Dad is about to say something when a voice interrupt him from behind.
“I’m glad you’re here. ”
And without turning back, I know who it is already.

Bryan f*-king hall.