February 4, 2023

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 4

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 4

Jason’s POV

“Boss , you need to come and see this!” One of my guards approached me with those words.

I followed him to where he wants me to see ‘the whatever he needed me to see’

I was surprised when I saw Angela kneeling and bleeding and my men groaning in pain on the floor.
“She knocked all of them down?” I asked to be sure from the guard beside me.

“Yess boss.” He replied.

I was astonished. “Get her medical care.”

I watched as she was being carried out to be treated.

Really, so only her defeated five men, even in her weak state? Is she a superwoman or what?

This men are strong men that I trust with my life, yet she defeated them easily.


I walked to my dad’s penthouse and sat at a large office waiting for him.

I wondered why he had called to see me, ever since mom died, dad and I barely have conversations.

He walked in gallantly and I welcomed him.

“Jason, been a while…” He said opening some files on his desk.

The way he treats me like one of his workers is what disgusts me the most about him. He has never referred me to as a son.

Anyways , let him get into what he had called me for as soon as possible.

“The company is growing, as you can see!” He said throwing his hand proudly in the air.

I simply nodded in agreement. The rapid growth of the company amazes me too. I could have said something on what he said but I just don’t like to have conversation with him.

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“As my heir plus the fact that you are skilled in this business, you will be moving to California…you should get ready.”

I smirked at his words. “Just like that? Do you even seek my consent? What sort of father…” I cautioned myself. I don’t want to utter words like insult. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He sneered. “I’ve withdrawn all your guards, I’ll be freezing your account in 24 hours , if you refuse.”

“But…” I almost felt like crying. I knew at that point that I had no choice. “Why don’t you send Mike?”
Mike is the son of his second wife, he’s a little bit younger than me but mature enough to handle business.

“You don’t tell me what to do , son!” He said and stood. He walked out proudly.

I lowered my head sadly.


Mike’s POV

“Mom, what is the update?”

“Don’t worry, I told you to trust me.” She replied and my dad entered.

We welcomed him and he sat.
“Done!” Dad said.

“Really, so Jason will be going to California?”

“Sure, I just felt bad for him cause I do not think he will survive the mafia’s there, our company’s competitor over there are terrible assasins, he may not make it…”

“Don’t be sad ,hubby .” My mom said and helped him inside.

I jumped up happily. Mom has promised that all the inheritance of dad will be going to me…I just hope Jason gets killed by those mafia’s there.