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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 5

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 05. The Beginning Of Everything.




“Wow. So you mean that instead of the six months you had orginially planned and you staying with him for just four months more since it wouldn’t be like that auspicious. You now, have to stay with him for a whole year and it isn’t like we had both thought cause he isn’t even thinking of getting married but only need for you to act like his fake wife which means you wouldn’t have to file for a divorce later on? ”
Ethan raises his brows at me and I smile before nodding as I breath out, laying my head on his lap while he rests his back against the bed and the headboard.

“I was really quite surprised when he told me also. I couldn’t believe it either and he had also said that the one year, he has planned on using it to punish me… ”
I laugh, shaking my head remembering that stupid jerk words from earlier on. He is really stupid if he think that I would just stand by while he punishes me or whatever it is he thinks he’s going to be doing to me.

“It’s really funny, isn’t it? ”
I raise my head to look at him once again, only for me to see him been lost in thought.

“Ethan, is everything alright? ”
I sit up on his lap, raising my brows at him and he chuckles before shaking his head.

“Isn’t this gonna play out like in the movies? You brag about hating someone then you spend some time with then and you guys are head over heels in love with each other. ”
He laughs but it’s a sad laugh and I shake my head instantly.

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“Hey! Don’t say that. You must be crazy if you think I’m gonna fall for that jerk, I would never and you should know about that by now. You know I hate him, you know how much he hates me also. You know what happened between the two of us so stop talking like that or I’m seriously going to get angry with you. ”
I frown, crossing my arms against my chest and he chuckles before dragging me to lay on his lap once again.

“I know that you wouldn’t do that but what if it just happens? I mean why wouldn’t you fall in love with him? He’s handsome, rich and everything. ”
He looks away from me and I chuckle, shaking my head once again. I’m in love with a fool.

“You are such a fool. You think I care about all those things? I don’t. And I only love you, okay? You are the most handsome guy to me and you are the most richest man to me so stop saying all those things or I will really get angry. ”
He smiles and I return it before gesturing for him to lean down towards me.

He did and I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his lips against mine.
He groans against my lips before bringing his hands to my thigh while my body heats up immediately reacting to his touch.
His hands moves up to my hips and he drags me up to sit on him while I chuckle against his lips.

I love this man so much. So damn much, he is my world and my everything. I don’t know what I would do if he leaves me. If I lose him.
I wouldn’t be able to take it if he leaves me.

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“Do you think we are doing a good thing, Sam? We are using our daughter as bait just for everything to get things back to how it had been before. We are asking her to risk everything because we want something. We both know how she and this guy we are talking about is. We both know that she hates him, not to talk about the fact that she’s in a relationship with another and she loves him really dearly. Don’t you think we are asking for too much from her? ”
I turn to my husband who is busy staring at the newspaper he’s holding.

He drops the newspaper then turn to me.
“We are not asking for much my dear. She also knows it’s the right thing to do because she would be saving her family and about her leaving someone she loves, relationships gets broken at times my dear. And hate leads to love so I’m sure in time, she would come to love her husband I’m sure. Let’s not prolong this honey, if she’s willing to do it then let not have a problem with it either. ”
He smiles at me and I sigh before relaxing back against the chair.