March 22, 2023

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 9

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 09. The Beginning Of Everything.




He turns to me and stares at me with a smirk dancing around the corner of his lips and I scoff, shaking my head. Is he seriously kidding me right now? He isn’t thinking of actually doing it, is he? He can’t possibly think that it’s just alright to kiss me because of this fake marriage.
This guy must be wishing for death and I will gladly give it to him if I lose my temper.

He leans closer down to me and my eyes widens as I try to move back immediately but his hands reaches out, wrapping around my waist as he pulls me closer to him and my hands lays flat on his chest in an attempt to push him without actually having it seem like that to the hundreds of people staring at us.

He leans further closer and he’s now dangerously close to me, his face inches away from mine while I raise my brows, trying to ask him what the hell he thinks he’s doing but he only laughs at my expression and closes the distance between us. I almost lost my cool until his breath just fans my cheek.

“No worries. I won’t be kissing you. You seriously thought that I would do that? You should know I wouldn’t be now. Even if you stark naked in front if me, I wouldn’t touch you. ”
I can feel his lips twitch into a smirk as he says those words, probably to mock me.

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“Good because I would have your balls it you try to. ”
I whisker and he raises his head slightly to look at me, I smirk at him raising my brows and cocking my head to the side so that my lip is almost touching his cheek so it would seem to the crowd that I’m kissing him back.

Son of a bitch actually have such a nice skin. Who am I kidding? Nothing is nice about this fool.
I still realize that fact that his arms are still wrapped around my waist and pulling back, I move completely away from him in such a way that his hands are forced to lose their grip and applaud erupted from the crowd which I turn to, putting on my most fakest grin.

I sight Ethan amongst the crowd and he looks.. Sad. I know it would probably be hurting me to see me go or he actually thought that I really kissed the jerk.
I will have to find him later and talk to him about it. He will have to wait for me.

It’s just a year. Three hundred and sixty five says and this would be over and also, I will ask him when he gets to meet violet at a restaurant.


I smirk as I watch them finally the their vows and then they kissed. Finally! The moment that I have been waiting so long for.
For the bitch to go away and leave me and Ethan to do our thing.

God. I can’t wait to celebrate this freedom with Ethan. Talking about Ethan, I wondered where the hell h is now. He was just behind me minutes ago. Where the hell did he went to?

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I turn to make sure that the bitch is busy with other things. After ensuring that she has no idea of what’s going on anymore since she’s completely surrounded. I walk out of the hall in search for Ethan.

I dialed his contact but it’s unreachable and I sigh  wondering where the hell he would have gone.
I thought that he might have left the place but he told me that he has to be here so Tamara would think that he is really sad about her leaving.

The restroom. Maybe he’s in there, a smile covers my lips as I think of something. A very good idea. We haven’t been able to really be together and right now, Tamara is busy, Ethan might be in the restroom and here I am.
Exactly what I need.

I turn back and walk inside the men restroom and truly he’s in there, holding unto the sink with his head bend.
I smile again before gently closing the door behind me and walking over to him, slowly wrapping my arms around his waist and he turns back instantly.

“Violet. What are you doing here? ”
Okay, that wasn’t the reaction that I expected. I thought he would be happy that I’m here but I don’t think he is right now.

“To start what we haven’t been able to do all these while because of that bitch. ”
I smile, pulling in his and wrapping my legs around his waist.

“No, violet. This is a restroom and anyone can come in here, you can’t be in here. You have to leave please. ”
He says and I frown, just as I’m about to say another word.

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“Ethan. Are you in here? ”
Oh my god. You have got to be kidding me.