March 22, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 8

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 8

(Four nightmares)

The Next Morning Min woke up very early only to hear very loud music coming from downstairs…

She yawned loudly still clad in her pink nightgown and went downstairs only to see the last of the Woo Quadruplets…

Hyung Woo the dancer…

He was popular alright and really handsome too but compared to the rest of his brothers he was more quieter and less intimidating..

Well to her mostly cause he’s won the Korea Dance Tittle five times in a row…

Hyung Woo was one she never really fancied and since no one knows anything personal about him he doesn’t really trend..

‘Are you just gonna keep standing there or help me with dumbbell??’..He asked and she bounced back from her reverie…

‘Huh?? Ohh sorry sir’..she said as she lifted the ten pound weight from the ground without any hassle..

‘Whoa you’re really strong for a girl’..He said but rather than taking on his sexist remark Min just laughed…

‘I’m 23 and I’ve worked as a gym cleaner before’..

‘Really?? Hmm me likey well…’..Hyung’s voice trailed off as soon as Nam came down from the stairs..

‘Well well well the prodigal brother is back,I haven’t seen you for a while Hyung Woo’…he muttered..

‘Well that’s because I’ve been busy working Nam and not chasing women around’..Hyung replied and Min gasped at the rate his voice changed so fast..

He was really nice before and now he’s like Shin Woo..

They are really a nightmare to behold..

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Four nightmares in fact..

‘Work?? You call dancing work?? Oh please Hyung all you do is move your body all day and night and it’s something i could do in my sleep!!’..Nam fired back..

They really hate each other don’t they??,Min thought and as she stepped back a little…

Just like adding liquid gas to a fire Shin Woo and Kim Woo both walked down rubbing their eyes sorely..

‘Can’t i even have enough sleep in this bloody house?! I have a fight to win tonight!!’..Shin first started in his usual manner of grumbling and the rest of his brothers scoffed..

‘Kim did you just scoff at me??’..He fired at one of them and the next thing everyone knew a punch landed on Kim’s nose and fight broke out…

Min stepped back and pinched herself to wake her up from the nightmare..

The four nightmares.