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Crazy Oppas. Episode 9

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 9

(A proposition)

Few minutes later Mrs Woo sighed deeply staring at each of her sons who were silent all through the dying minute..

‘How old are you guys??’..She asked and they grumbled in return…

‘I said how old are you all?!!’..she yelled slapping her hands on the table…

‘26′..they replied in unison and she sat down back on her chair..

‘Good.You’re all 26 years old and yet still acting like children?? You are all 26 years of age and yet you all still fight like kids!!!’..She screamed and they all pursed their lips..

Min Ah just stood outside leaning onto the door with the other staffs prying on their conversation…

‘You know this is the fifth time she’s doing this in a month’…Seo Joon whispered and Min’s eyes widened…

In her whole 26 years of living she’s never seen four grown men batter each other like teenagers fighting at a party…

‘Omma he started it!!’..Hyung stated pointing at Nam Woo….

‘Yeah cause you were doing what?? Dancing at 5:30 in the morning??’..Nam fired back arching his brows..

‘Enough!!! Not another word from you all!!’..Mrs Woo screamed..

‘Now the Woo family is known for a very good reputation even though some of you tend to dent it!! Now you could do whatever you want to with your lives I don’t Care but what I won’t have is you grown men ruining my reputation!’..She added..

‘Deh Omma’..they chorused and all left the study..

They were all best friends as kids but as soon as they clocked 16 things began changing and she was too reluctant to address it…

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She never knew their enmity towards each other would escalate to adulthood??..

She has to do something fast about them before the press really get an insight on what’s going on in their family…

The last thing she needs is a bad reputation or look weak in front of her competitors as a mother who has no control over her family…

She has to do something fast…


‘The boss wants to see you Min Ah’..Manager Ho said as he took the mop from Min’s hands..

‘Me?? What for??’…She asked and Manager Ho frowned..

‘Ohhh I’m going’..she murmured and wiped her hands clean on her apron and dressing her long black hair well..

She knocked on the door to the study and she heard a thank you she went in…

‘You called for me??’..she murmured with her hear hanging low..

‘Yes Min Ah,I’ve got a proposition for you’..Mrs Woo replied…

‘A proposition??’..

‘Yes a proposition,are you done with college Min??’..she replied..

‘No ma’am’..Min said..

‘Why??’..She asked again..

‘Well cause there isn’t enough money for college ma’am’..Min replied gulping hard..

Not like there isn’t enough money for college..

Her step mother just uses the money she works hard for for her own personal gain..

‘Min i know you think my family crazy and i won’t deny it,my sons have created some kind of barrier or declared some kind war against each other and I need you to stop it for me…i need you too make them agree with each other,make them love each other again’…