September 25, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 8

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 8️️

Caitlin watched in disgust as she spotted handsome Curt and ‘She thinks she knows it all’ Anabelle as they conversed near their Chancellor’s office..

‘What does he see in her anyway?? She’s not that pretty??’..She asked her friend Duchess Claire..

‘Who?? Princess Anabelle?? Don’t pretend Caitlin she’s gorgeous and nice too maybe that’s why our new handsome Curt there likes her’..Claire said and Caitlin frowned deeply…

‘That’s what you all see,what I see is a pompous girl who thinks she’s better than others cause she’s a Macademian heir’..She sneered all spiteful with envy and Claire shrugged…


‘The first thing about Royal High University is your choice and when I mean choice I mean specialty…Like me I’m specialized in biology even though I love fashion and stuff that’s why my uniform is white’..Anabelle said as Curt walked her to her room…

‘If you love fashion then why go for biology??’..He asked and she sighed..

‘The Macademian generations are known for being biologists all kinds of biologists:..She said..

‘So you want to be a what?? A marine biologist just because your family wants you to?? That’s harsh’…Curt exclaimed as he dug his pockets for a smoke…

‘Well it’s not basically harsh it’s just…’..Her voice trailed off as a whiff of smoke trailed into her nose which made her cough..

‘Wait?? You smoke??’..

‘Yeah got a problem with that??’..Curt frowned and all of a sudden she coughed the more..

‘I’m..I’m asthmatic’..She said with her voice already strained and Curt quickly threw his cigarette away..

‘Jeez you should have told me that you have asthma??Get on my back’..He said and before Anabelle could object he piggy carried her towards her room…

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‘You know people her watching’..she whispered..

‘Well we’re friends remember?? And friends help don’t they??’..He replied and felt a color rise in her cheeks..

‘Awww did you just say something nice??’..

‘Yeah I did and it’s killing me so don’t count on it’..