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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 3

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is hot }…

Episode 03

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I dragged my feet to Amber’s bed, tears was streaming down my eyes. I can’t believe that I used my own foolish to endangered my sister life.

“Riele… ” She called my name faintly, an oxygen was on her nose.

She’s in a pathetic state of health .

“Hey..” I cooed as I sat down on her sick bed.

“Am I gonna die? ” she asked me with tears in her eyes. I sniffed my nose and I placed my hand on hers.

“I’ll save you Amber, you’re not gonna die. You will do your operation in the next two days. ” I assured her even when I was not certain about how I will gather the money.

“Money? You don’t have any saving with you . How will you save me? ” She whimpered, her eyes was filled bitterness and sadness.

“I’ll take loans for you. I’ll save you, have you forget our slogan. *sail through the seas, in the fire, in the storms,we would still be together *

“* Because we are forever sisters *” she finished it.

“Trust me amber. ” I said to her with a shaky voice

“I trust you riele ” She replied me and I snuggled her to myself.

I’ve been visiting one loan company to another hoping they will lend me a loan but everything proved abortive.

I’ve collected my salary in my work place but it wasn’t enough for the surgery.

Now am at the last place where my last hope is based on. I wish they can grant me the loan. I prayed silently in my mind, hoping that I’ll be grant a loan.

I sat down at the reception for two hours without anybody looking at my side. They were all going in and out.

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“Ma’ma ” I called to receptionist who was busy chatting.

“Yea.. ” she answered me before she blew out a bubble from the gum she was chewing.

“Please I’ve been here for two hours but nobody…. ”

“What exactly did you wanna say ” she chipped in an irascible manner.

“Well ma’am, I came here for a loan, my sister is dying at the h… ”

“Is that all? ” she cut in again.

“Yes MA, please can you tell the manager that am here. ” I pleaded with my hands jammed together.

“He’s in a meeting right now, you have to wait for another one hour. ” She replied me without not even sparing me a glance.

That’s long! I don’t have a choice, I’ll have to wait for him.

“OK ma. ” I said before I went back to my seat.

I held my bag close to myself, I was waited in anticipation for the manager. Suddenly my phone vibrated in my bag indicating that I had a message from the net.

am I in the mood to log in right now? I sighed before I bought the phone out. I turned it on and I saw a notification from instagram.

I tapped on it and everything was displayed, I was heart broken at what I saw. Mateo posted with a caption *Get rid of the fools to become more wiser*.

I was so sad that I didn’t realized that a tear dropped from my eyes. I’m a fool for believing his whole lies.

I wanted to tap on the comment when my hand mistakenly scroll the picture up and a video of how the famous and popular singer disgraced a diva in a concept in Japan.

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It was Kayden, he embarrassed Dylan, the popular dancer when she tried to kissed him.

Even though I wasn’t in the right mood to read about celebrities, I was forced to watched the full video.

I really felt for Dylan, she might also fall for his handsome face.

Kayden is a popular singer, he’s famous around the world, I’ll say he’s just like my country pride. He’s from my country.

He’s f*cking rich and a handsome dude, his songs are the best and his voice can even enthral a lady’s heart.

I loved him and am among his fans, I get details of all his activities, I followed him on the net. I knew that he went to Japan for a concert.

If not for the situation I found myself in, I would watched it online.

He will be back today, that means, he is gonna hold a concert at the National Stadium tomorrow. It just a pity that I can’t go.

My thought was drafted back to my present Situation when I saw a man coming towards the reception.

I think he is the manager because the staff were bowing down their head in deference as he walked pass them.

He was accompanying a woman, a sophisticated woman. Her dress and her appearance are just a definition of a classic and sophisticated lady.

I quickly stood up from my seat when he entered the reception.

“Good morning sir. ” The receptionist greeted him immediately.

He just waved at her, his attention was based on the woman he was accompany. This is the time to approach him.

“Sir! Please I need your help. ” I said as I stand in his front.

“Later miss , I’ve important thing to attend to. Please let’s go MA. ” he said to the woman.

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“No sir, it’s really an urgent matter. Please sir. ” I scampered towards him.

“Young woman, what’s your problem? ” he yelled at me. ” If you are here for loans, we don’t have any to give out as Loans, so just go! ” he added, he started walking away but I rushed to his front and I knelt down in front of him..

“Sir please help me. ” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

“It looks like you’re deaf. Where are the security,they should bundle her outside. ” He yelled and some men rushed to me.

Two men pulled me up and they started dragging me away.

“Stop! ” The classic woman said and they did.

They dropped me down on the floor and I hit my butts hard on the floor.

“Mr Hudson, I thought you said you’re kind and generous to all your clients. ” she challenged the man and he was speechless.

“Y… Yes, we are but she is not a client…. ”

“Because she is not rich right. ” The woman cut in with a huff.

“I’m sorry MA. “He pleaded with her but she rolled her eyes at him before she walked closer to me.

Her security quickly encircled us, she bent down in a crouch in front of me.

“What’s your name? ” She asked me with a smile.

“Wesley Riele. ” I answered her in a whisper.

“You need a loan?, it looks like what you need the money for is important. ” She said to me prudently.

I nodded my head and she stood up.

“What if I said I’ll give you the money ” She said and a gasp escaped my mouth.

Give me the money?.