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A Maid For Him. Episode 2

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???????? A Maid For Him ????????
(Mum brought her)

Episode 2
By Simrah Saeed

????️ Nora ????️

” You can equally join us as well ”

W.. what? Is he really kidding me? I watched as his hand went into the lady’s skirt caressing her thigh.

” No, thanks ”
I replied sharply turning away.

I was welcomed with my boss having s*x on a freaking table.

What the hell is that? How’s the rest of my stay in here going to be?

Maybe I should start getting used to it but he should not drink beer and come to me because I will kick his balls and beat the living out of him.

” Then, you can sit and watch while I….”

I quickly picked up my bag and ascended the stairs.

I can’t stand it seeing a guy bring out his d*”k.

Wait! Is that man alright? Was he really going to pull off his trousers in my presence ?

Now where to? .
There were three rooms upstairs and I actually don’t know which to enter.

My eyes circled the rooms and I decided to go into the first one .

I gently opened the door.
Oh my goodness! I dropped my bag on the floor jumping on the king size bed I have never slept on.

I spread my legs widely on it making me feel more comfortable!

There were four pillows, I placed my head on one, took one in my hand and left the remaining two .

This is heaven!
I feel so tired right now, I will just unpack later but for now. This bed will be my best friend!

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???? Evan ????

” Oww! ”

” Best s*x ever ”

” you gat a huge d*”k ”

” Yes daddy ”

” Harder ”

” More ”

” Ow! ”

” Ahh”

” Yes, that’s it! Faster ”

” I love the way you go into me Evan ”

The idiot kept mo*ning till I was done. We both reached our climax and I pulled out of her .

She took my d*”k in her mouth licking my sp*rm .

She gently stroke it as she pushed everything into her mouth till I released all.

I pushed her to the table, picked up my trouser and shirt before putting it on.

” I have paid you right? So out! Your service just ended ” I snapped coldly.

” Really? No second round? You are so sweet Evan ” she said rubbing abs

I pushed her hand away glaring at her.

” Get out sl*t ” I yelled.

” Okay, okay, I will but there’s a next time right? I love you Evan ” she passed me a flying kiss and left .

Fool! Not only love! Idiot!

I climbed the stairs heading back to my room.

Where’s the Nora girl?
Gosh! Mum’s mad at me! Oh well I will apologize to her later

I wonder where the hell that lady went to! Although I don’t care if she gets lost in this house!
I need to take a cold shower!

I opened my door and I met with a shocker!

What the hell?
Nora was peacefully sleeping on my bed!

How did she get in here?
I furiously tapped her and she jerked up.

” What are you doing in my room and on my bed ?” I flared.
She looked around and her eyes widened.

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” Your room? ”

” Stop asking me a silly question and get the f*”k out of my room this minute. Your room is the one after mine ” I yelled.

” Calm down Sir,I didn’t know it was your room ” she said bashfully still sitting comfortably on my bed

Is this lady okay? How sure am I she’s not insane?

” Now you know, can you now leave?”

She yawned coming down from the bed but she slipped and fell down which gave me a glimpse of her thigh!

Wow! This lady is a killer! She has the shape of a model! I didn’t notice that earlier and to worsen it all, she’s clumsy.

” Oh sorry ” she said and left for the door.

” Hey , your bag ” I snapped. She took her bag and left my room.


????️ Nora ????️

” Argh ” I covered my ears with the pillow but it wasn’t working!

Can’t I have a peaceful sleep without hearing those moans from Mr Evans room?

This is my first night! Lord! I am sure going to quit after a year!

” Ow Evan, ”

” You are ahhhh”

I stood up angrily on my feet heading to his room.

I badged in and their eyes landed on me. Both him and the lady.

Wait! Doesn’t he get tired of s*x? Just today, this is the fourth lady!

What the hell? Did they curse him?

” What are you doing here Nora?” He asked with his eyes wide opened.

” I am sorry I came, but can you tell the bitch to reduce the way she moans like a pig?”

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The lady’s eyes held lots of shock like wise Mr Evan?

It’s only a pig that makes lots of noise right?