January 28, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 17

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{My Love coach }



I watched her all the way upstairs. She’s still nervous and shy because I took her first kiss.

Shan tel smack me at the back of my head.

“If you hurt her I’ll glue your eyes.” She threatened before racing upstairs too.

I chuckled softly and took the elevator upstairs instead.
Got into my room and locked myself up. Kissing her feels so different and somehow felt a connection .

Never felt that way with anyone before. I wanted more but had to pull away.

I don’t really believe in magic but after kissing her it feels like magic.


It was morning and I was gonna let fatique take over. Don’t really wanna go out just gonna stay in my room and eat popcorn all day crazy!

Picked up my laptop ready to Skype with when an incoming call got my attention.

It was Derrick. I sighed before Getting connected.

“Hey man.” He said I knew he was in his bedroom right now.

“Yeah what’s up Derrick.” I tried to sound modest.

Why am I angry with him? Have realized how selfish I was being.

“ERM…I’ve realized we didn’t get to talk about things before everything went down the drain. Listen I just wanted to say am sorry. I also played a role in all this because I knew what Ian was doing and yet I didn’t get to say anything.” He explained and I sighed..

” its okay man am over it already I just wanted some time alone.” I explained.

“He relaxed and I got to see Ian seating right there with guilt written all over his face.

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“Its cool I understand perfectly. Am gonna go get something from the fridge why don’t you guys try to talk things over?” Hesaid and I nod and watched him leave.

We stayed there waiting for who to voice out first and its definitely not me.

“Am sorry bro am sorry.”Ian spoke and I could sense  he was feeling remorseful.

“Relax man am over it already got someone I like so much.” I told him and smiled.

“So we cool ? You coming back right?” He asked and that’s where the problem is.


“Yeah we cool but I don’t think I can be at vegas for now .” I muttered.


“Its cool though.” He sighed.

Honestly I miss em so much they were my best buddies and family too.

“Hey guys am back. Oh I see you guys are getting along just fine.” Derrick said happily and I chuckled.

“_I’ve to go guys talk later.” I said and disconnected the call.

I dropped to the floor and did few push ups.