September 26, 2022

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 18

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{My Love coach }



I yawn and got out ta bed and walked towards the balcony. It was another beautiful morning.

I ran my finger through my lips and thought about the kiss and how it made me feel.

Kissing me only made my love for him stronger but sadly he can’t and won’t ever be mine no matter how hard I try he’ll keep seeing me as his manager and friend.

The lyrics of his song is kinda stuck to my brains like it was actually meant for me.

I turned and almost fell outta shock but he caught immediately and pulled me to himself, how did he get into my room and I didn’t noticed? My breath seized .


“Hey relax huh? And don’t ask me how I got in.” He grinned and I huff.
Was he reading my thoughts? Or what?

“Gush you scared the hell outta me.”  I sighed tiredly.

“Am sorry okay?”he said in form of a whisper and blew soft air around my neck and my whole body became so hot.

“ERM ..why are you here so early?” I try to concentrate more on the discussion.

” I just wanted to check up on you plus we did not get to talk last night you seem pissed is everything okay?” He asked with concern and I felt bad.

Last night I had mixed feelings about the kiss.

“No no am fine everything is fine.” I smiled nervously.

“So can we go jogging?” He pecked my forehead.

Why does he keep doing that?
“Yeah sure I’ll just get dressed.” I excuse myself and walked towards the closet.

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And got dressed up in trainers and joggers.

I came to meet jay on the couch he stood when he saw me.

“You ready yeah?” He asked and I nodded.