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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 19

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{My Love coach }



He jogged all the way to the park with girls tryna take a picture or flirt.

Katie must have been so fed up with it but kept her distance.

We stopped to catch our breaths.

“Here have some.” She handed me a bottle of water which I took and gulp down the whole thing.

“That was great.” I sat down on the road side bench breathlessly.

” am freakishly tired remind never to go this far when jogging.” She muttered tiredly watching everyone do their thing.

Beads of sweats were all over my forehead as she wiped it off with a soft towel .

Hmm she’s caring tho.

“Guess we just popped up on raider .” katie announced and i looked towards the direction that was being pointed..

Hailey was having fun with a group of girls. Why is she everywhere?

“So what do I do next?” I asked , my eyes never left hers.

“Jealously is a crucial part in the operation. First we have to get her to look over here .second we have to make her jealous.” Katie added and I smile.

“Oh okay? How do I get her to look over here.”I pointed to myself.
How about this?” She brought her face closer and sniffes My ear , it was like she was about to kiss me but huh nothing Happened hailey didn’t noticed


“Touch my lip.” She says and I trailed my fingers on her lips.
Her eyes were shut tightly. My guess she felt shock waves ..

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I face palmed her ready to kiss her when someone cleared their throat and we pulled apart immediately.
It was hailey gush she was looking stunning but something was charging in me I don’t know what that is.