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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 16

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 16. {The Kiss.}




I turn to Bryan and I watch his eyes go wide as I had said those words and his jaw clenches which gives me the idea that he’s getting angry or he’s already angry.
He turns to look at me, giving me the type of look that says he would have said he done something if we aren’t been watched by anyone who cares to watch right now which is almost the entire city.

“I see that you are a very funny person Mrs hall. Very very funny, Mr hall must have been very lucky to have had you as his wife. ”
I smile and nod before biting down in my tongue.

I don’t know where the hell that had come from, that’s just what was glued to my mind when that question had been asked and it was true. He’s from the pits of hell. Jerk!

“Now, we would really like our answer please. ”
The interviewer says and I smile before nodding.
I don’t know why this shit is really necessary anyways, I mean isn’t this marriage fake? Why exactly do we need to go around doing things like this? I just never understand anything that’s going on.

“Well, I met him at the park. ”
I said the very first thing that came running to my mind. Maybe I should just tell them how I had met Ethan. At least it would be something real than just lying about it. I don’t know what to say and I’m not thinking right now either.

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“I had been out with my sister and when I went to buy her a candy, I couldn’t find her anymore. She’s five years old actually, I had been very stupid to have let her go out of my sight and I was sick with worry with the realization that she might have been kidnapped or lost. I searched the entire whole lark for her but I couldn’t find her. ”
I mutter, remembering the events that had happened months ago.

“Then suddenly this guy in suit has come from behind me and said the words : Miss, I think that you might have lost a precious little girl. She keeps saying that she wants to go to you. ”
I smile, remembering Ethan’s words from when I had just met him.

“Then from behind him, he slowly brought out my sister and nothing could have ever given me greater happiness than that at the moment. I appreciated and we talked some more and that’s when our journey had begun. ”
That’s where my love for Ethan had started and that’s why I could never forget him.

That’s why my love for him is so deep and that’s why no one would ever replace him in my life, that’s why it would the death of me if he leaves me and that’s why I couldn’t even think of actually living without him.

“Wow, that was so romantic! Mr hall. Now to you, what had triggered your feelings for Mrs hall in the first place. ”
His feelings for me. I don’t think he can even answer that cause all he feels for me is hate as I also feel for him.

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“Her eyes captivated me at first.. ”
He starts saying and I look over at him to see him staring at me.
“They looked so pure and so innocent, so full of life they would be the death of any man. ”
He chuckles, shaking his head with his gaze still fixed on me and I gulp in hardly.

“Then her smile. They could light up any darkness and they tend to light up my world. It was and still is the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen. She didn’t only took my attention, she took along with her my heart. How could someone be so perfect, I wondered? Even though I didn’t knew her that much, she had been so nice. So kind. So sincere and so thoughtful.
She is perfection herself and I couldn’t lose such a diamond like her. I needed her and I had her which is the best thing that has ever happened to me. ”
I look away from him immediately with a scoff. What’s this feeling? He’s just saying that because of this interview. None of that means anything to me, as it shouldn’t to me but those words… I don’t know why they seemed so familiar.

“You two are lost in love, aren’t you? So thank you very much for answering that, we would like to see what the fans wants from you now. ”
She smiles and I bow as she brings out something like a remote which displays a screen and there are thousands of comments.

“Alright, let’s start from this one. She says, I didn’t get to attend Bryan’s wedding even though he is the love of my life and I’m very angry at Tamara for stealing him away from me but I wish you two happiness in your marriage and since I missed out on the wedding part, I will really like to watch you two kiss. ”

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