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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 17

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 17. {The Kiss.}




I turn to him with my eyes widen and I can see that he also has a surprise look written across his face.

“So there goes your fans first wish Mr and Mrs hall. They will like to see you two kiss, we are waiting for that romantic moment, everyone is watching please, don’t feel shy. You guys are married already, Mr Bryan, you shouldn’t feel shy about kissing your wife please. ”
The interviewer says and I try to think of a way to escape from this but I just can’t seem of any solution to escape this kiss.
How the hell do we fake kissing on live and worse of all, when the interviewer is staring at the both of us. So close to us in fact.

“I will like my romantic moments with my husband to be in private please, I know that whoever had said that would really like to see this happen but I have no choice but to decline your offer because I’m a very shy person and I don’t feel too open about kissing my husband in…. ”
I didn’t get to complete my words when I’m suddenly pulled back, my eyes widens as my eyes meets his and I shake my head slowly with a hard glare across my face, telling him not to even think about it but he doesn’t seem to be listening as he brings his hand to the nape of my neck and attach our lips together.

I feel my heart almost pumping out of my chest as his lips begins to slowly move against mine.

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My brain tries to connect with my mind and I try to think about what’s happening.

He is kissing me.

He is kissing me!

He is kissing me!!

Bryan Hall is kissing me!!!

Bryan fucking hall is fucking kissing me!!!!

He didn’t just do that, I try to pull away from him but he has his hand pinned against my neck which has me pinned to him that there’s absolutely no way of escaping.

He tries to force my mouth open but I’m quick to open my mouth and just when he tries sliding his tongue in, I capture his tongue in between my teeth and bite so hard on it in a way that I’m very sure it would hurt.

One minute, he’s kissing me and trying to force his way in for me to open up and the second minute, he’s pulling immediately away from me, his eyes widened as he stares at me but he couldn’t do anything.

I gulp in and smirk at him before looking away from him and staring down at my feet as the interviewer claps in excitement.

“Wow, that’s almost like the most romantic kiss I have ever seen, Geez! Tamara looks like you didn’t want to let go of him. I thought you were shy. ”
She smiles at me, giggling and I gave a chuckle before nodding.

I turn to Bryan and he gives me a look that I’m gonna regret what I had just did.

I roll my eyes and look away from him, he had it coming it’s way when he tries to force my mouth open and for me to kiss him back.

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Just who the hell did he think he is? He just think that he could just steal a kiss from me? Fake or not, I will never kiss him back.

I sigh as I try to think about who and who are watching this show right now. God, I hope that Ethan is very busy at the moment and he has no time of watching the show.

He would be very angry at me cause I promised him that I wouldn’t allow this jerk sitting next to me to touch me.

“Alright, so that’s the first request that you have from your fans , now let’s move to the second one and lots of lots more. After all these, I also have a request for you two. ”
The interviewer winks before grabbing the remote thing and the screen displays once again.

We finally finished the interview with a lots of naughty questions and requests from fan, most of which I refused to answer.

Bryan remains grumpy all through the way home and I couldn’t help but to be amused and feel so proud of myself for his behavior.
He must have not expected me to have bite him like that.

The interviewer really had a request like she had said. She have gave us tickets to one of the companies couple dancing competition.

I sigh as I open the door to my new room and drop down to the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Bryan walks inside looking very pissed as he bangs the door loudly and I roll my eyes, knowing what’s to come after.

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“What the hell did you do that for?! ”
He yells and I groan before standing up and walking over to him.

“I would never touch you even if you’re stark naked in front of me.. ”
I mimick, copying his words from that day.
“But now, you were so eager to kise me Mr Bryan Hall, I think I did what was right. This marriage would be hell for me? Well, it would be a living nightmare for you. ”
I laugh, walking into the bathroom and leaving a dumbfounded Bryan.

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