December 2, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 19

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 19️️

Furious and ashamed Anabelle walked away from Prince Justin with tears brimming in her eyes..

Curt was totally right about him..

He was a spoilt and a stuck up piece of trash who uses her every single time…

‘Anabelle hold up!! Anabelle wait you don’t understand’..He called after her…

‘What Justin?? Just leave me alone okay??’..She yelled releasing her hands from his grasp and Justin smiled..

‘Anabelle I was just toying with you to see where your loyalty lays and now you see?? You trust that Curt of a guy more than me!! Anabelle you have got to see that he’s using you’..

‘Loyalty?? Trust?? Don’t you even dare use those words on me Justin cause you don’t know what it really means’..She fired and as she turned to leave Justin held her back and hugged her so tight that she couldn’t break loose…

‘Please don’t leave me Anabelle,think of our kingdoms..I..I love you Anabelle’..He whispered and she cried hard against his chest..


Justin has never used those words on her before??…

He loves her??…

‘I have to go Justin’..She murmured against his chest as she felt uncomfortable with his groin rising hard against her body…

‘Yeah Anabelle’..He whispered and she walked away not knowing or having a clue about the metal object that was removed from her pocket…


Adamant on forgetting about the earlier events Curt began searching for more information about Royal High and the man who looks more like him..

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YEAR 1997

He searched on the school’s website and an article appeared…


His eyes widened as he tried to read more on the article and then his door opened…

‘What are you doing here??’..He asked Anabelle who sat on his bed..

‘I’m sorry Curt’..She replied..

‘Sorry for what?? Embarrassing me in front of your boyfriend??’..Curt asked bitterly

‘He’s not my boyfriend’..

‘Ohhh he’s what?? Your betrothed or your uhmm what do you even call it?? Your fiancee??’..Curt sneered and she sighed..

‘I don’t love him Curt,i don’t even like him so what’s the point??’..

‘The point is that you can’t keep treating me like I’m the only one in this friendship!!!’..Curt yelled..

‘You’re always the one to make me feel guilty Curt!! What’s the point of being friends if you’re just going to taunt me 24/7?!!’..Anabelle fired back and truth be told they were both hurt at her statement..

‘Fine then!! Sorry won’t fix this anymore Anabelle!! We’re no longer CURANA as you call it okay?? Leave my room!!!’..Curt yelled and she left angrily..