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Royal High. Episode 20

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 20️️

Justin smiled so hard that his cheeks hurt as he dangled his keys in front of Alec and others..

‘And that’s how you get something using emotional blackmail’..He commended and threw the keys at Alec..

‘You know what to do…by tomorrow i don’t want to hear about Curt Anderson anymore’..


King Curtis’s nose twitched as he walked down the street of Three Oaks…

Of all the places Irene could come this is where she choose to raise his son..

Curt’s mom whistled as she adjusted the time on her watch and then bumped into the already disgusted man..

‘What the—Curtis??’..She exclaimed half shocked and nauseated as she stood in front of the man who ruined her life…

‘Irene.It’s so nice to see you again’..King Curtis replied and she stepped back a little…

‘This..this can’t be!! What are you doing here Curtis?!! What the hell are you doing here?!’..She screamed..

‘I’m here to make amends Irene’..He replied and she scoffed loudly..

‘This is totally unbelievable!!! After how many years?? 10?? 20?? After getting me pregnant and running off to marry a fancy princess who has a rich father?!! After getting me kicked out of Royal High and now you’re here to make amends?!! The whole world turned it’s back on me King Curtis or whatever you’re called now because of you!! My parents sent me out and i had to sleep on the streets because of you!!’..She yelled at the top of her voice not even caring about the passersby and Curtis rolled his eyes without remorse..

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‘Look Irene i didn’t come here for shouts I’m here for Curt our son…I..I want him to ascend my throne’..He said and she scoffed loudly..

‘who?? Curt?? You were behind the whole Royal High thing weren’t you?? Stay away from my son Curtis or else you’d regret it for the rest of your life!! My son doesn’t know anything about you and I’m not planning on telling him that he’s a prince and if he finds out then I would kill you and kill myself!!’..