September 25, 2023

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Royal High. Episode 22

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Royal High️

️️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)️️

️️Episode 22️️

‘Shot?!! Curt’s been shot?!! Please tell me this isn’t true tell me it isn’t true!!’..Anabelle cried out as she pushed her way in the crowd over to Curt’s room and when she saw his pool of blood she screamed…

There Curt lay..

With the Paedics trying to revive him by compressing his chest..

‘We need to get him to the hospital fast!!’..One of them said..

‘I’ll go with you guys’..Anabelle said and the woman frowned..

‘Who are you??’..she asked..

‘I’m his best friend’..Anabelle replied in tears and the woman shrugged as Curt was placed in a stretcher and bundled into the ambulance..

Who on earth would do such a thing??..


Minutes later she packed around the waiting room with tears flowing down freely from her cheeks and with her nails in her mouth…

‘I was so awful to him Tanya,I told him he was a rogue!! This is all my fault cause if i hadn’t left this wouldn’t have happened’..She cried out..

‘This isn’t your fault Whatsoever Anabelle!! You being there with him might not have changed anything’..Tanya replied stroking her hair and just then Curt’s phone rang.


Anabelle gulped hard hesitating to pick the call but with more persuasion from Tanya she tapped the green button..


:No Mrs Anderson this isn’t Curt,this is Anabelle’..

:Anabelle??Curt has a girlfriend and he didn’t tell me??’..

:No Mrs Anderson it isn’t like that uhmm Curt won’t be able to communicate with you’..

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:Really?? Why is something wrong??’..

:Curt has been shot’..

:What?!! Shot??! My son has been shot?!!’..

:It isn’t a serious one Mrs Anderson he just has a bullet stuck in his leg nothing to be worried about’..

:Really.?You’re sure?’..

:Yeah I’m sure bye’..

She quickly hung up and sighed deeply disgusted at herself for telling such a bland lie to a concerned mother..

The doctor came out shortly and from the look on his face Annabelle knew all wasn’t too well..

‘He lost a lot of blood’..he murmured and before he could say anything else Anabelle spoke up..

‘I’ll donate my own blood doctor I’ll give him my own blood but please just save my Curt’..