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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 15

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(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 15

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
My friends and I walked to the parking lot talking and laughing.

“Chloe!” A familiar voice called and I turned.
It was Pearl. Her hair looked nice though and it made me remember I made the same style sometime last week.

Am starting to have the feeling that Pearl here is copying me. First – the beauty contest and now, this??
She’s such a bi*ch.

“Hey Chloe, how are you?” She asked cheerfully.

I rolled my eyes.

“Just tell me what you want” I grouse and she blinked rapidly.

“I just wanted to let you guys know the contest had began and you should please vote for me” she said looking hopeful.

I scoffed.

“I forgot all about the contest…but anyways, since you mentioned it. I’ll make out time and vote for you” I said squinting my eyes and she nodded.

“Oh my God! Thank you guys…” She jibed before leaving.

“I would vote for her except she’s got no bo**s or ass. What a show off! She has no place in this college with a body like that” Anna said as we continued walking.

Ciara chuckled.
“So you’d be happy if she had killer hips and huge boobs thereby seducing your boyfriend, Simon. we must admit, she’s naturally beautiful” she said full of smiles.

“Simon is mine to keep. No girl would take him from me!” Anna chipped twirling.

“Yeah right” Ciara muttered.

I exhaled.
“Am just having the hunch Pearl copying me. Am not supposed to feel this way but its obvious, isn’t it?” I asked pushing my hair backwards.

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“You’re right Chloe” Ciara chipped.

“You can’t be too sure girls. Besides, no matter how hard she tries, she can never be you Chloe cause you’re different and special in your own unique way” Anna enthused and I blushed.

“That’d the most sensible thing you’ve said since the first day I met you” Ciara said and I laughed as Anna kicked the air.

She hit Ciara on her arm but playfully.

“That’s not true” she retorted amused.

We got to my ride home and I stopped walking and turned to the girls.

“You both should try and come up with themes for my father’s birthday. It’s coming sooner than you think, alright?” I asked and they nodded.

“Sure thing Chloe” they replied simultaneously.

I smiled and entered the car. The driver didn’t bother to come over and assist me. I scoffed as I glared at his black hair.

He started the car.

“You’re too cold Kyle. You couldn’t even ask me how me how my day went” I jibed folding my arms.

He didn’t say anything but continued driving.

“You know what? Pull over! Stop the car, am going to take a cab home” I said but he kept going.

“I thought I was just your driver. Why mingle with an ordinary driver?” He asked and a wave of guilt flowed through me.

“Am sorry if I made you feel bad or useless. Am really sorry” I said sounding apologetic.

I never really thought of apologizing but I know I shouldn’t have thought bad of him or take him to be poor.
He doesn’t act poor and he’s a nice cool person.

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Am starting to take him as a friend just like Kian.

“Yeah, it’s okay” he said and drove into the mansion. He parked the car before coming out. He opened the door for me and helped me come down.

“Am sorry Kyle” I said and he smiled.
“I told you its okay miss” he replied.

“So, we’re good now?” I asked and he nodded.

I brought out my hand and he accepted for us to shake hands.
I smiled warmly at him before going into the house.
Jace’s pov:
“Ouch!…aww…” The lady grunted and moaned as I pound the hell out of her ass.

She held onto the bed tightly while I moved back and forth ruthlessly dealing with her behind.

It’s been long since I went with doggy. I grit my teeth as I felt my orgasm building up. I increased my pace and in no time, the latex was occupied with my cum.

I pulled out of her and pulled the condom off. The lady fell on the bed breathing heavily.

This room was practically meant for just s3x. I don’t mess with my bedroom. I’ve never screwed a girl there before.

I pulled my shorts up to my waist and turned too see her by the door.
Oh sh*t!

“Piper” I called and she cringed a little.
She left the room.

I went after my girlfriend though I didn’t want to. I hated this routine.

“Piper” I called and she paused.

I held her hand and she shuddered melting right there.
I know the effect my touch had on her body.

She’s madly in love with me.

“Hey. Am sorry you had to see that…” I paused as my phone beeped.

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I checked what the alarm was for.
It’s time for me to go tutor our little billionaire’s daughter.

I left Piper.

“Gotta go to work, bye” I chipped and kissed her on her cheek before leaving.