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His Signature. Episode 4

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………. Episode 4………..
????Rachel’s pov ????
The day went by quickly and before I knew it. It was evening and I was summoned for dinner by Maria the maid.

The food was delectable and I didn’t waste time in finishing it. Alex and I ate in silence and he barely finished his food.

After eating, I carried my plate and his.

“Don’t stress yourself, the maids will do that. “He said.

“I insist. “I said and left for the kitchen.

“Whoa, so kind of you dear. “One of the maids said collecting the plates from me.

“Since you’ve been too kind to us Rachel, I think I might give you a tip. “Maria said.

“Alright. “I said and walked into the kitchen fully.

“Just so you know… This house is haunted. “Maria said into my ear.

I burst out laughing.

“What sort of play is that? “I asked.

“Am serious miss. It first comes Like a wind.. Then the windows open, then silent noises. “She said.

“What?! Well, What do I do to chase the ghost away…? “I asked.

“I’ll advice you to go and spend the night with mr Alex. “She said and I rolled my eyes.

“Do I look like I have a death wish… Huh? “I asked.

“Hold onto his smooth strong body tight and closely… Never let him go till the ghost passes. “Maria said with a big smile on her face like she was drunk.

I nodded and but my lip.

I then left the kitchen.
There’s no way am doing that. Alex will kill me.

He already thinks am trouble.
I returned to the dinning, he was nowhere to be seen.

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I then went to my room. But Maria’s words keep playing in my head. Was her ghost story true?

I laid on my bed and clunged tightly to my bed cover.
I hope she’s wrong.

I shut my eyes to sleep but then felt a gentle breez flow into the room…. The wind!

I heard footsteps right outside my door. I was scared and curious.

I got up slowly. i was weak in the knees.
I opened the door and looked left and right.

I was damn scared.. I need to find Alex! I walked quickly with my heart on my hand.

An overwhelming fear engripped me as I took a turn… I bumped into Alex.

“Ahhh! “I yelled cause i was startled.

“Rachel?! “He asked. “Where were you rushing to? ”

I felt numb.

“Your room. I was scared. There’s a ghost right outside my door. “I said.

I looked up at him to see him staring at my chest. I forgot to also bring my robe along to cover up.

He was looking at my b**bs in a way I couldn’t understand.

“Mr Alex, what are you looking at? “I asked as I used my hands to cover them.

He smirked.

“Nothing.. What ghost? “He asked.

“Maria said there was a ghost! “I said.

“That’s nonsense. My house is ghost free. ” He said.

I nodded slowly. He held my hand and started pulling me to his room.
We walked in.

He helped me lie on his huge spacious bed. He covered me up. He soon joined me.

“Close your eyes and go to sleep. Am here. “He said soothingly.

????Alex’s pov????
Her eye lids soon became weak and she slept off.

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I sighed.
I was really misbehaving back there. I was having dirty thoughts on what to do with her b**bs whenever I get my hands on it.

i didn’t like how I already got a hard on.

I left her and went to the bar corner and poured myself some alcohol.

I just wanted to get high.

I feel so stupid and can’t understand myself anymore. I could have just signed it hours ago so She’ll leave and all this mess would just be history.

I emptied the bottle and threw it to the wall and it shattered.

Way to go Alex, you’re single again.

????June’s pov ????
“How can you be sure they aren’t really dating? “My sister, Mae asked.

I’ve been doubting about Alex being in a real relationship with that girl. Who ever she is..?

“Am sure because I know. How can he just sack me out like am nothing to him? ” I asked rubbing the fur of my dog.

“You can never be too sure June. Maybe you’ve pushed him to the edge and now he solemnly hates you. Anything’s possible you know. ” Mae said and I frowned.

“Whoever she is, she has to go. Alex is my ride or die and no one else can take him from me. “, I said pissed off.

“If he really meant so much to you, you should never have cheated on him multiple times. “Mae said and I became angry.

“enough Mae! I don’t like the way you’re judging this. “I said.

“Sorry sis, like they say, truth hurts. “She said and I glared at her.

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“First tip on winning back Alex, Distance. Let him be for now. At least he can let go of the pain and hate he has towards you. “She said and I nodded.

“Don’t worry my June pumpkin pie, By the time we’re done, you’ll be his ride or die. “Mae said with an evil smirk.

I smirked too.