March 29, 2023

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His Signature. Episode 5

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……… Episode 5……….
???? Rachel’s pov ????
I woke up late in the morning and found the bed empty.

If I remember correctly, Alex had put me to bed but he’s no longer here.

Am still going to deal with Maria for playing such a prank on me.

I rubbed my eyes for a while before getting down from the bed.
I left the room.

I walked through the hallway way quietly and as I got to my room, I heard a loud voice yelling.
I traced it to the living room where it was coming from.

I stood from afar and watched Alex yell.

“You little lying creep! You must have lost it! “He yelled at Maria who stood there sobbing.

Why is he yelling at her..?

“You dare try to mock me, huh?! Well tell me, how many mansion have you?? What about cars, do you even have a waggen talk more of a horse?!

“So how dare you try to claim boss here. Going around telling filthy lies about my mansion being haunted… You ignorant b*tch! “He yelled.

Why is he using so much abusive words on her like she’s a nothing.
I hate people being mistreated and mostly cause they aren’t wealthy.

“… You know what? You’re fired! “Alex said.

Maria fell on her knees as tears filled her eyes.

Alex must be crazy in his head.
I intervened Immediately.

“You can’t fire her Alex, don’t let your anger get the best of you. “I said calmly.

“Stay out of this Rachel, you’re just a guest here. This is none if your business. “He said.

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I won’t give up that easily.

“Stand up Maria, go and continue your chores. “I said to Maria who shook her head negatively.

She looked scared and confused.

“I said go. “I said to her helping her up.

“Since when did you become the boss around here huh? “He asked in furry.

“Cool down. Your blood is just boiling for nothing… “I said rubbing my hand round his back.

Maria scurried away.

He closed his eyes like he was enjoying it.

“Want a massage? “I asked.

I just want to take his mind off Maria and calm him down before he burns down the house with his anger.

“I don’t need a massage. “He mumbled.

I knew he wanted one.

“Don’t be stubborn sir… Let’s go to your room. “I said.

He nodded sheepishly and took his hand into mine.
I led him to his room and he fell on the bed.

I took of his shirt and began rubbing my hands on his bare back.

I was good at massaging cause the priest at the orphanage would make us massage him after he had a stressful day at the church and we didn’t mind at all.

????Alex’s pov????
Stupid me… Foolish me.
I can’t seem to control this girl and she’s being too… Difficult…

Challenging me infront of that irritating maid. I wanted to fire her so bad.

But what is it with that girl.
She extremely precedes among other girls.

????Rachel pov????
After massaging him for a while, he sat up.

“I’ll be in the shower.. “He said and went into the bathroom shutting the door.

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Is it me or does Alex have a stench of alcohol on his shirt…?

I went to my own room to have my bath too.

I took my time choosing a clothe to wear for today. I finally went with a yellow big shirt and red shorts. I also applied make up.

I then took the documents and left for Alex’s office cause I knew he’d be there.

I walked into the office. I got completely blown away with what Alex wore, a white shirt unbuttoned which exposed his abs and made me drool over them a little.

He had a gum in his mouth and chewed quietly on it.

He snapped his fingers at me.

“What do you want? And don’t waste my time. “He said coldly.

I pouted my lips.

“I brought the documents sir… Time for you to sign it. “I said hopefully.

“Give me 50 press ups for a start. “He said and my mouth dropped.
He’s got to be kidding me.