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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 40

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???? Daddy’s
(Getting her pregnant)

Episode 40

By: Faith Lucky

Chloe’s pov:
He closed the door and walked in fully.

He took low strides towards me with his hands tucked inside his trouser pocket.

“Hey.” He cooed softly as he got to where I laid on the bed.
I rolled my eyes and turned my gaze away from him to stare at nothing in particular.

Now judging from what happened to me, if his twin brother who I didn’t know about until that day didn’t show up, and ruined our dance, then I wouldn’t have thought about dancing with a stranger.

“Chloe, are you still mad at me?” He asked softly and stood beside me on the bed.

I scoffed and ignored him.
“Chloe, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you about Kaden my twin brother because we aren’t really on good terms.

We don’t even associate much with each other and we don’t keep in touch with each other.

I don’t even know how he got to know about you and how he even got invited to your dad’s birthday.

We’ve not even seen each other for about six months until on your dad’s birthday and I was damn surprised when I saw him on your dad’s birthday.

Please understand me Chloe, I’m sorry.” He cooed softly and held my hand in his.
I tilted my head and stared into his beautiful blue eyes and smiled lightly at him.

“It’s okay Kian, I’m not mad at you.” I said with a smile.
“Thank you.” He smiled and patted my hair.

Kian kept me company. We talked about lots of things and we laughed at his lame jokes.

I enjoyed his company so much and I didn’t want him to leave. But too bad he had to leave.

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He pecked my cheeks and promised to come visit again.

I waved lightly at him as he walked out of my ward.

I sighed softly and fell asleep.


Unknown’s pov:
“You fools! Incompetent ingrates!” My boss yelled angrily and smacked the desk hard.

We all had our heads bowed as we stood before him, letting him pour out all his anger.

“How dare you guys! I trusted you but the only thing you could was fail me!” He rasped angrily and kicked the wooden chair.

Now, just like the other guys, I’m so damn confused as to why he’s so angry and flaring up.

What’s his probs anyways?

He hasn’t even told us what the problem is and his making all of us confused.

What job did we not do well?

What’s our offense?

“Boss, you haven’t told us what our offence is.” One of the guys said, with his head still bowed.

“Oh really? You don’t know what your offenses are?” He scoffed and smacked his desk hard with his palm.

“Boss, we are lost. We’re unaware of what we’ve done wrong for you to be so angry.” I spoke calmly with my head still bowed.

At times like this that boss is angry, we have to be careful of what we say. He can take offense with just a little word and the next thing is torture on that person.

So, we’ve always choosed our words carefully anytime he’s angry.

“Well, since you guys don’t know, I’ll tell you!” He snapped and walked to stand in front of us all; so closely.

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“Chloe Seth is alive!” He broke the bombshell.

“Huh?” Gasped rang out.


Chloe’s pov:

I was discharged from the hospital six days ago and I resumed going to school three days ago.

I’m strong but the pain beside my abdomen region where the operation was carried out still hurts a little. But I do take pain relieve drugs.

Everybody at my department welcomed me wholeheartedly and some of them even went ahead to give me gifts.

They were happy to see me back to school and on my feet hail and hearty.

My friends, Ciara and Anna visited me at the hospital and they kept me company and told me lots of things going on in college.

I wasn’t feeling too happy because, I couldn’t witness whatever that were happening in college.

But still, I was happy that I had friends who cared for me and kept me company.

Kyle and Jace visited too and they brought flowers and also wished me a quick recovery.

I was happy and felt so loved and special.


It seems like the incident drew Kian and I closer to each other. We’ve really become closer and sometimes when I end classes on time, he takes me out for sight seeing and it’s always very exciting.

It’s worth every of our time together.

I don’t feel too uncomfortable with him again.

Infact, I enjoy every of his company.


Kian’s pov:
I smiled lightly as I watched Chloe scream happily running back and forth away from the ocean.

Well, I took her to the ocean side where’s very quiet and only few people knows there.

I come there anytime I wanted to forget my problems for a while. The view is great and the place is always cool.

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And I just decided to bring Chloe here because she seemed stressed out after classes.

As I watched her splash water on herself, I smiled proudly to myself.
I can’t believe that this is the same girl that was looking so stressed out about an hour ago.

Now, she looked so free spirited. And I couldn’t help but admire her long hair that the breeze blew to different directions, making her look a pretty goddess.

Gosh, I really can’t wait to have her in my bed.


After the fun with Chloe, I dropped her off at her house while I drove off to my penthouse.

I pulled in the parking lots and alighted from my car.

I closed the door and walked into the house.

I climbed the stairs to my room to have my bath.
After I was done bathing, I laid on my bed typing away on my phone.

My phone rang and it was an unknown number. I ignored the call but the caller was so persistent that my phone kept ringing.

Reluctantly, I swiped the receive icon and placed the phone on my ear.

“Hello.” A masculine voice came up.
“Yeah, hello.” I replied grumpily.

“Am I speaking with Kian?” The caller asked.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion and stared at the number.
But it doesn’t look familiar.

“Yes. How may I help you?” I asked.

“Good. Well, you’re needed at the hospital right now. Your brother Kaden is between life and death, and I urge you to come as fast as possible.

I’ll text you the address as soon as we end this call right now!” He rushed his words hurriedly.