March 29, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 25 And 26

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{Catching feelings }



My feelings are only getting stronger by the minute. I try to fight it hold it but it just keeps getting so difficult and stronger.

I groan and dragged myself downstairs to the diner. Shantel and the boys were seated all ready waiting for breakfast.

“Hey baby girl. You up early.” Shan tel smiled and patted the chair beside her.

“Good morning everyone.” I stretched like a cat and sat down beside shan tel.

“Good morning miss universe.” Blake says with his mouth wide open as he stared at me.

I guess still doesn’t believe this is what I look like without glasses.

“Miss universe ? Really? You got to be kidding me.” Jay huff and chew on his apple.

“Don’t make a fuss outta it young man.” Shantel glared and  he rolled his eyes.

” so tell us jay you and Zoey here are a thing now?” Blake smirked.

I my heart skipped a beat when he’d asked about that.

I wonder what he’s gonna say to him.

“Yeah tell us Jay, I see the way you both looked at each other.” Shan tell added and I shared an eyelock with jay.


“Nah she’s just my friend and my manager too.” He said with a small chuckle and I felt my heart bleeding to his words.

“Oh I see .” Blake said and focused on his phone.

I felt tears gathering up and won’t want them to start throwing questions at me.

I stood up and everyone focus their attention on me.

“ERM I just lost my appetite.” I managed to blink back my tears.

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I raced upstairs not waiting for any more questions I race to my room and locked myself up.

I was so foolish to have wanted more when all he would always see me as was just a friend and work partner.

I crawled to a corner and placed my head on my shoulder and cry silently


{ Catching feelings }



I watched her run upstairs without a word and I felt bad.

Clearly we didn’t do anything to upset her so why Is she avoiding me?

“You know what? I also lost mine too.” I dropped the cutlery and walked away.

The car was ready and I needed to be at the studio.


At galaxy records. I must complement its cool and well equiped.

I was given a script of the lyrics to the song I wanted to drop.

Katie should been here right now managing my affairs. I wonder what’s up with her.


The song recording was a success but still katie should have been here telling me how she felt about the song.

Or maybe I should call her?

Nah ! She’s probably sleeping right now.

“Alright guys that’s it wrap it up we done for the day.” I said to the sound producer before exiting the room.

All the female workers in the building would tryna stare at me with lust all over them.

What a joke.

I walked towards the exit elegantly giving them something to talk about.

Entered my car and drove straight to the mansion, Katie needs to tell me what’s  up and why she’s acting all strange

Sometimes I don’t understand her.

I drove into the mansion and parked my car properly and stepped outta the car . looks like shan tel had gone out with her car.

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I wanted walking towards the entrance door when I heard that familia voice again.

That same voice that’s stuck to my head and I don’t seem to be able to forget.

What is she doing here?

I turned to look her with so much anger.