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His Signature. Episode 14

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………. Episode 14………

By: Faith Lucky
????Rachel’s pov ????
I opened my eyes staring at ceiling far above me. Everything was blur at first but it brightened immediately.

I looked at my right and my eyes met with ALEX’s staring at me. I got startled cause he was awake… Just looking at me.
It was creepy as we were in the same bed.

How did I get here?

I racked my brain thinking hard of what really went on last night.

I sat up in the bed in a jiffy and gasped as I shut my lips with my palms.

I actually got drunk last night… I said alot. I told him Murphy everything.

Oh God. What if he told Alex all the things I said about him [Alex] being a jerk by making up with his ex, kicking me aside though I loved him.
Huh? Did I just say that?
I love Alex?

Am so confused.
What if he doesn’t love me back.

Oh no,i hope Murphy didn’t tell Alex anything.

I looked at my right, Alex was staring at me. He had also sat up while am still frozen at the spot.

“What’s wrong with you, huh? Does your head spin? Are you okay? Do you wanna puke?.. “Alex asked at once.

“Did you even consider the baby in your womb before going out with Murphy?

“You’re so irresponsible Rachel. “He said looking angry.

“Am sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. “I muttered.

Alex exhaled looking into my face.

“It’s okay. I was just worried for your baby. “He said.

I almost laughed but held it in.

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I stood up and with my hand on my head, I went to my room.

I rushed in and went to the bathroom jumping under the shower having a mixed bath.

I have to get that signature and get out of here.

????Alex’s pov ????
I was in my office working on my laptop. Its been a while since I actually did something concerning my company and to get my mind off what happened with Rach. and June, I decided to work.

My phone rang loudly and I checked the caller ID, it was June.

Speaking of the devil…

I wonder why I haven’t deleted her number yet.

I put my phone on silent ignoring her call completely.
She still has alot of explaining to do.. How she seduced me and I played along.

All I could say was yes, we f*cked.. That’s all I could remember.

I looked into the screen of the phone. June was still calling
I sighed and switched off my phone.
A knock came on the door.

“Come in. “I said

The door opened and Rachel walked in.
She wore a serious look as she came and stood before my desk.

“Sign the papers sir, the time I have for this project has elapsed. “She said.

“What are you going to do to me if I don’t. “I asked sarcastically.

“Nothing but to sue you for stressing and keeping a pregnant woman for days here. You have no right! “She said.

“Okay, go ahead.. I dare you. “I said and stood up.

She frowned and turned to go but then she came back.

“You’re an arrogant, bad mannered annoying man! So stubborn… “She yelled.
“You have no shame! So ugly in character. ”

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I smirked.
“Meaning am cute in physique. “I said coming close to her but slowly so she won’t notice.

“Who’s cute?? A monkey looks better than you! “She said with her arms crossed.

“But you kissed me miss. “I protested.

She rolled her eyes.
I held her by her waist in a snap and as I tried to get another kiss from her, she hit me with her knee on my manhood. This is the first time this is happening to me and God, it hurts like hell.

I bent taking in the pain. It finally subsided.
I feel so angry right now.

Rachel wants war, war she’ll get.

“You’re done defining me, let me start with you. You’re a thief. On your first time here, you were snooping around possibly in search for something to steal. “I said.

“What?! “She asked. “I already told you I was looking for my hair pin. ”

I scoffed.

“Enough with the drama and lies. You are the only one that knows what you’re really after.

“You want my signature?? You’ll get it! “I yelled angrily and walked to my desk. I took out the documents and glanced at them.

I placed my hand on the place I was to sign.
I looked up at Rachel, she had tears in her eyes.

I blindly signed at the three places as fast as I could and threw the documents at her.

“Am all that you said so please stay away from me now. Goodbye Rachel. “I mumbled.

She wiped her tears and gathered the documents on the floor.

“Am not a thief sir, that’s all I can tell you. “She said and left my office.

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Immediately she closed the door, my heart began beating fast. The feeling of guilt overshadowed me.