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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 2

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❤The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna Library

???? Chapter two ????

????Nadia’s POV????

“Hello Dakota, my name is Christian Taylor and I’m the manager of this hotel.”

Before I could correct him, Christian spoke.

“My father wanted me to escort you to your room and make sure that you settle in comfortably.” Christian told me.

So this was the world famous Christian Taylor? Everyone knew about Christian Taylor, the son of George Taylor owner of the Taylor Hotels, billionaire playboy with girls throwing themselves at him on a daily basis.

“Why were you so rude to the tailor?” I asked him, not being able to help myself.

Christian rolled his eyes. “She works for me, why does it matter how I treat her?”

I scoffed, feeling myself getting angry. The fact that Christian thought I was Dakota slipped to the back of my mind. This pretentious asshole needed a lesson in humility.

“It doesn’t matter if she works for you, she’s a human being and she deserves respect.” I chastised.

“Whatever.” Christian shrugged.

“No, it’s not whatever. I’m so sick of people like you thinking that they’re better than everybody else just because they have money.” I hissed.

Christian’s eyes widened. “You act like you aren’t rich as well.”

I looked down. “Well actually-“

“Look, I don’t have time for this. If it makes you feel better I
will apologize to the worker the next time I see her. Now can I please take you to your room?” He asked.

If my pretending to be Dakota will get the tailor a well deserved apology then I decided that I could handle Christian walking me to her room. After that I’ll change back
into my uniform and never have to deal with Christian Taylor again. As if he’d even talk to a girl in a maid’s uniform.

“Fine.” I sighed.

Christian held out his hand to help me off the stool that I was standing on but I ignored him and got down on my own. Christian muttered something under his breath but I ignored him and followed him as he led me to the elevators. The trip to Dakota’s room was quiet and awkward but I didn’t mind as long as I didn’t have to talk to Christian.

“Listen, can you not mention my behavior to anybody.”

Christian asked me as he opened the door to Dakota’s suite.

“Why?” I countered, slightly amused.

Was he actually feeling guilty about treating the tailor like crap?

“My dad would be pissed if he knew I upset an important guest staying here.” He told me.

I rolled my eyes. Of course his answer was completely apathetic and self absorbed.

“Why should I care if your daddy gets mad at you? You deserve it for being an asshole.” I snapped, getting annoyed again.

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Christian’s face turned red. “You don’t even know me.”

“I don’t have to know you personally when I know people like you.” I replied. I stepped closer to him and poked him in the chest as I continued. “People who will never have to work a day in their lives because their parents are successful. People who think that they’re better than everybody else just because they can afford million dollar

“I can be successful on my own, I just choose not to.” He responded.

I scoffed. “Sure, you keep telling yourself that.”

“Why are you so judgmental?” Christian grumbled.

“I’m not judgmental, I just can’t stand jerks.” I said.

“Well I can’t stand bitches.” Christian hissed.

“Wow, I’m so offended that you called me a-“

Suddenly Christian pulled me closer and planted a rough kiss onto my lips. My eyes widened and I used my clenched fists to quickly push him off of me.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked incredulously.

Christian smirked. “I was kissing you but you pushed me off.”

“Don’t you ever touch me again.” I warned.

“Don’t act like you weren’t enjoying it.” Christian grinned.

“I wasn’t. You should know that I’m not some floozy that’s just going to sleep with you because your last name is Taylor.” I told him.

“Floozy?” Christian laughed. “Did you just seriously say floozy.”

“Don’t try to change the subject. I should tell your father about this.” I taunted, knowing that it would freak Christian out.

Christian quickly sobered up.

“You wouldn’t.” He spoke confidently.

I raised an eyebrow. “I will if you don’t get out right now.” I gestured to the door.

Christian shot me one last hateful look before striding out the door. Five minutes after he left I hurried back downstairs and back to the tailor’s room. She was sitting by her sewing machine when I walked in.

“Where were you?” She asked.

“I had to use the bathroom.” I lied.

“Ok…” She trailed off. “What did Christian want?”

I scrambled to come up with something to say. “He wanted to make sure that I knew all the rules of the hotel.”

“Why did you guys leave together?”

“Don’t you have to finish this dress?” I asked her.

“Actually it turns out that Dakota’s flight to L.A was cancelled and she can’t get another until next week.” She told me. “So you can take that dress off now.”

“Thank God, it was starting to cut off my blood circulation.”i chuckled.

After I had given back the dress I changed into my uniform. As I was walking to clock out of my shift I ran in Linda.

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“Ah, just the person that I was looking for.” She said. “The hotel is hosting a party tomorrow and I need you to work it.”

I nodded my head. “Ok, I can do it.”

“Good. So tomorrow afternoon I need you to report to Christian Taylor for your assignment.”



“What am I going to do Bri?” I asked her as I fell back onto
my bed dramatically.

After I had gotten home I called Brianna in full panic mode. Obviously I couldn’t go see Christian tomorrow about the party since he thinks I’m Dakota. He would fire me on the spot when he realizes what I did.

“Why don’t you come clean?” She offered and flipped her blonde hair off of her shoulder.

I scoffed. “And get fired? I don’t think so.”

Brianna thought for a moment before responding. “What if you wore a mask when you meet with Christian?”

“But then when I go to the party Linda is gonna wonder what I’m wearing.” I told her.

Brianna smiled. “Not if all the maids are wearing masks.” My eyes lit up. “That’s a great idea! I’ll talk to Linda about all the maids wearing masks to the party.”

“You’ll be able to meet up with Christian and he won’t even
recognize you.” Brianna added.

“Yeah and when Dakota comes next week and Christian realizes that someone was pretending to be her, he won’t know who it was. You’re a genius Brianna.” I hugged her.
Brianna patted herself on the back. “I try.”

Thankfully, Linda loved the idea of all the maids wearing masks. After I talked with her I got dressed in my uniform, tied my long brown hair up in a bun, and put on a long black mask that covered most of my face.

One of Christian’s body guards walked me up to his room and let me inside. I found Christian sitting at a desk, texting on his phone.

“Excuse me.” I cleared my throat.

Christian looked up, startled. “What are you?”


Christian shook his head. “Who are you and what are you wearing?”

“I’m Nadia and I’m a maid here. I was told to report to you about the event that’s being held here today.” I explained.

“The workers are wearing masks to the party.”

“Oh,” Christian gave me a weird look, “You have a familiar voice, do I know you?”

“No.” I lied quickly.

“Are you sure because I could have sworn-“

“Can we just get back on task please?” I asked.

“Yeah, of course.” Christian nodded. “So tonight Taylor hotels is hosting a launch party for one of our business endeavors. I need you to greet people as they walk in. Linda
referred you to me because she said you’re relatively young and personable.”

“Linda said that?” I raised an eyebrow.

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Christian smiled. “She did. Why, is that surprising?”

“I was under the impression that she hated me.”

Christian gave me a weird look.

I shrugged. “Our personalities clash.”

Christian laughed and before he could reply, his bodyguard came forward.

“I went to Ms. Gold’s room to give her the invitation to the event Sir. She did not rsvp.” He said.

“Why wouldn’t she want to go? You know what, I’m going up there right now to see her.” Christian exclaimed. I froze, my eyes widening in fear.

No! Christian can’t find out that Dakota’s not here yet. It’s too soon and he’ll probably look through the security tapes and find out who I am.

When Christian got up to go I stood in his way.

“Actually Linda told me that she needs to see you immediately. She said it’s very important.” I rushed.

“Did she say what it was about?” Christian asked.

“No, all she said was that she needs you asap.” I wrung my hands nervously.

“Ok, after I see Linda make sure to send a message to Dakota’s room that I will be up there shortly.” Christian told his bodyguard.

“Yes Sir.”

I followed Christian out of his room and took off towards the elevators. Fortunately, when I got to Dakota’s suite there was a maid who had unlocked the door and was
inside cleaning it.

“You’ve been rescheduled to the first floor.” I said.

The girl nodded and pushed her cleaning cart out. Once she was gone I ran into Dakota’s closet and pulled down the first thing that I saw. I quickly got changed into a short black and white tunic and had just taken off my mask and taken down my hair when there was a knock at the door.

As soon as I opened the door Christian pushed his way in.

“Why are you ignoring me?” He asked. He ran his hands through his hair frustratingly and shot me a glare. Obviously no one’s ever kept him waiting

“I’m not.” I shrugged. “I just have no interest in attending the event.”

“Please,” Christian begged, “My father is making me bring a date.”

“And I was your first choice?” I asked, amused.

Christian rolled his eyes. “Please, I have plenty of girls who come before you. But you are the only one who could attend on time.”


“Please Dakota.”






Wait, what did I just say?

Christian winked. “I’ll be here at 7:00pm.” Christian hugged me quickly before leaving, making sure that he left before I could correct him.

Great, so now I’m going to have to find a way to work at the party and be Christian’s date at the same time. This just keeps getting worse and worse.