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Billionaire’s Maid. Chapter 5

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The Billionaire’s Maid ❤

A Romance Story


????Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit????

Authoress Anna

Note :- This chapter is Unedited

???? Chapter Five ????

????Nadia’s POV????

I was shocked when I opened it to find Christian standing
outside, his fist raised in the air ready to knock.

“What is the meaning of this?? ” He glared while looking at me

God!!! Has he found out?? Was he eavesdropping??

“Meaning of what?? I asked and he walked in

“What is my brother doing here?? He asked and I breathe out softly, he hasn’t found out

“Good morning Chris ” Lewis said

“What is good about the morning?? What the fuck are you doing in Dakota room early in the morning ” Christian yelled

“And what are you doing here also in her room early in the morning ” Lewis asked not looking at him

Oh my goodness.. What am I going to do??

“Enough… ” I yelled and they both look at me “I was the one that ask him to come ” I said and Christian arched his brow

“For what?? Why did you ask him to come?? He asked not liking where I am going

“Err.. Uhmm… Err

“She asked me to come because she wanted to know few important things about the hotel and I really want her to teach me how to speak French… Satisfied?? Lewis said and stood up

Christian looked at Lewis then back at me

“Not satisfy.. Dakota is this true?? He asked and I nodded then my eyes went straightaway to the magazine on my bed, the picture of Dakota was there and her name was written boldly on it

“What if he sees it?? I thought “then I am doomed ”

“Well… I need to take a shower and I need my privacy now ” I said and Lewis smiled

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“Okay see you later ” He said and he walk away but christian was still standing there

“Don’t you hear me?? I said but he started moving close to me “wh.. What do you think yours doing?? I asked but he just pay deaf ears

“Are you crushing on my brother?? Are you in love with him?? He asked still moving close to me until my back was resting on the wall

“What is wrong with you?? What are yo.. Yo.. You… tal.. tal.. talking.. ng.. ab.. about? I stammered

He use his thumb to caress my cheeks making me feel nervous
“Tell me you don’t like me, tell me when I kissed you the other time.. You don’t feel anything ” he said and with that I pushed him off

“Hey, I don’t like you and the kiss was just a silly kiss so how am I to feel anything.. I already told you it can’t work out for the both of us ” I said and I could see that he was hurt but what am I suppose to do??

I am just an ordinary maid pretending to be someone I don’t even know

He let out a sigh and walked towards the door, he looked at me for the last time but I looked away and he walked out

I jumped on the bed and let out a small groan

“For how long will I keep doing this?? Lord pls help me

↪ Brianna POV↩

I was just too happy today, I walked towards the elevator and entered, I was asked to join the other maid to clean room 302.. I wish I can see My angel today, who exactly is he?? I thought and I pressed the button

I need to talk to Nadia today and tell her about my crush..

The elevator door was closing slowly when someone stopped it, I looked up and to my surprise

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It was him.. Yes it was him.. My angel… My crush

I smiled to myself as I set my eyes on him but my smile dropped when I saw his sad face, he entered and the elevator closed, he didn’t even bother to look at me

Why is he sad?? What happened??

I don’t know what to do, I just stood there as everywhere was silent just then I remember that his handkerchief which he gave me yesterday was with me, I brought it out and slowly tapped him on his shoulder but he didn’t answer so I tapped him again and to my surprise, he yelled at me

“What do you want?? He yelled and turned to look at me

I was scared and I could feel my heart beating fast, I felt like crying

????Christian POV????

I was really sad when I left Dakota room, what can I do to gain her love?? I really love her and it’s not I am planning to play her heart

Truthfully, I wanted to play her heart at first cos I know all rich girls born with silver spoon are always rude, arrogant and care nothing less than their money but she is different.. She is quite different

I really felt jealous and heartbroken when I saw Lewis in the room, I can’t believe she was the one that called him

I walked in the elevator with my thought ignoring everyone, I was still thinking of what Dakota said when someone tapped me

I was really angry that I yelled at the person not caring who he or she was but when I saw the person tapping me, O calmed down, she was the maid I bumped into yesterday, the look on her face shows that she was really scared that I shouted at her but it wasn’t intentional

“I am sorry, I just wanna give you this” she said while shivering as she brought out a white handkerchief

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It was the handkerchief I gave her, I looked at her and she quickly look away

“I am really sorry for shouting at you.. Believe me I don’t really mean to shout at you ” I said and she nodded

“I understand, I could see it in your face that you look Sad and I am sorry for disturbing you ” She said politely “and here is your handkerchief ” she said but I shook my head

“You can keep it ” I said and she smiled

“Really?? She asked and i nodded

“So how’s your wrist?? I asked

“It’s fine now” she replied

???? Brianna POV ????

I was able to smile when he apologize to me, he really seem nice and when he said I could keep the handkerchief, I was more than happy cos I don’t really want to give him before

I wanted to keep it myself so I could cherish it

“So how’s your wrist?? he asked

“It’s fine now” I replied.. I was about to ask his name when the elevator stopped and opened itself

I looked out and I was surprised to see Nadia afar walking downstairs

“Nadia ” I called and My crush turned

“That name sounds familiar ” he said

“Ohh really, she is my friend, wait let me call her… Nadia Nadia ” I called out

???? Nadia’s POV ????

After I freshen up, I put on my maid uniform and slightly leave Dakota room, I was heading downstairs when I heard a familiar voice calling me

I turned to my left then to my right but I didn’t see anyone but I heard my name again and I turned back to see a lady from afar with a guy that I couldn’t see clearly

Yeah.. I have a problem with my eyes., I can’t see clearly from afar

Who is calling me?? I thought as I start to walk towards them…….