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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 27

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 27

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov

I was discussing with Nolan when I saw her stood up from her seat. Her facial expressions wasn’t welcoming, just like the look she had on her face the other day.

Her life is none of my business!

“But what about the group two? ” Dylan and Nolan asked me simultaneously.

“I don’t care about them, all I want is group 1.” I answered them with finality sounding in my voice.

“But….. “And they continued talking but I found myself not even listening to them.

My thinking drafted to her again, what if she is crying again? I don’t want to have the feeling I had last week.

What if someone sees her in a sad mode, it will be another news for the net!.


I need to look for her, I just want to know what she is doing right now. I stood from my seat and I picked my iPhone that was placed on my tablet.

“Where are you going? ” Nolan asked me as I rushed out, I didn’t even spare him a look.

I went out of the hall, where is she? Why can’t I see any traces of her?.

The toilet!

She was coming from the toilet passage the day I saw her.

I walked to the toilet passage, then I saw two people, one was nailed to the wall while the other one was holding the girl’s hand.


I took a closer look at them and it happened to be riele and a guy.


I don’t what cane over me but I had this burning sensation in me. My blood started to boil when I saw her in that position.

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“What the f**k did you think you’re doing? ” I half yelled at them.

The guys turned around… I remembered him, he was the guy I paired with contestant number 1.
Is he flirting with her right now?.

He wanted to talked but I shunned him, I grabbed Riele hand and I headed for the elevator. I’m angry with what I saw.

I don’t f**king care about the result, I’m taking her outta here. I pushed her into the elevator and I entered. I pressed the last floor number and the elevator door Closed then it started moving.

Suddenly, the light went off and the elevator stopped.



I arched my brow angrily, I pressed the number again but it wasn’t working.
Not again!

The elevator has stopped again.It takes two hours before it gets back to normal.
I thought I’ve told the engineer to change the f**king generator.

“What is happening? ” I heard riele’s frighten voice.

“Don’t you see what is happening? We’re stuck! ” I half yelled at her

“No! We can’t be stuck in this dark room. This place is frightening me. ” She stuttered.

I could see her shaking already.

I dialed the engineer room number….Shit! No network!.

The network was gone!

I tried to messaged Nolan but it was the same thing. No network to send message! This is fucked up!.

I smashed my phone angrily.

“I hate things like this! ” I groaned angrily

“Please tell me what’s happening? I hate dark places like this! ” She half yelled at me and she fell down on the floor.

I glared at her, she was holding her head with her two hands,her whole body was shaking.Balls of sweats were streaming down her body.

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I don’t why but I felt really bad when I saw her like that. I’ve never felt pity for anybody. I didn’t know that she feared darkness like this.

What am I gonna do? The feeling is freaking me out.

What can I do to stop her from crying?

Yes! I remembered the videos I always watched on YouTube. Without thinking twice, I walked closer to her.

I cleared my throat in a funny way, I Fisted my hand as I slid down to a sitting position beside her. She was already crying.

I hate emotions Luke this! I don’t know what came over me right now but I hate the feelings, I can’t even control myself.

We shifted my ass to hers, so that I can be close to her. I stretched out my hand to dragged her closer to myself.

Oh Kay! I can’t believe that you’re doing this!

I inhaled deeply before I dragged her closer to self, my hand was wrapped around her neck. I placed her head on my chest.

I used my hand to patted her back.

“Uhm… It’s OK ” I mumbled.

She sniffed her nose and rested her head on chest properly. I traced my hand to her hair and I stroke it gently.

She has stopped crying. Wow! I felt relieved! I don’t know why am doing like this but I found the feelings interesting.

Suddenly, the AC turned on. F**k! I know that it will be on! But it wasn’t at a normal degree, it was in a freezing one.

The cold was too much. I could feel riele shaking on my chest. She was just wear a sleeveless turtle next top .she might freeze.

I adjusted her back on the Stainless wall, I removed my overall jacket and I put her head back to my chest. I spread the jacket on the both of us and it covered us.

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This is better like this…. I traced NY hand to her waist and to her stomach.
I felt comfortable and a racing happiness was riding inside me.

I’ve never felt like this. She raised up her hand and our eyes locked . Suddenly my heart started beating fast.